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10/10/2017 President Trump Nominates New NLRB General Counsel; Majority of NLRB Has Now Changed
07/12/2017 New NLRB Board Members Nominated
05/16/2017 Second Circuit Affirms NLRB Ruling that Vulgar Language in Facebook Post Was Protected Under the NLRA
05/09/2017 OSHA Issues Memorandum that Union Representatives Who Are Not Recognized May Not Participate In Inspections
04/11/2017 NLRB Rules Employer Must Allow Fight For $15 Buttons
03/02/2017 Owner and CEO Of Building Contracting Company Sentenced to 68 Months and Payment of $1.632 for Stealing Money from Union
02/22/2017 OSHA May Step Away from Allowing Union Representatives at OSHA Safety Inspections
01/31/2017 President Trump Names Lipnic to Head EEOC and Miscimarra to Head NLRB
08/29/2016 NLRB Finds That Current Backpay Formula in Unlawful Discharge Cases is Inadequate
08/24/2016 NLRB Finds Student Assistants at Private Colleges and Universities to be Employees Under the NLRA
08/01/2016 NLRB Overrules Precedent and Finds that Board May Find a Violation Without a Specific Allegation in the Complaint
07/19/2016 NLRB Determines that Employees in Bargaining Units Combining Solely and Jointly Employed Employees Do Not Require Employer Consent
05/05/2016 NLRB Finds Employer's Workplace Conduct Rules as Chilling Protected Activities
04/29/2016 NLRB Reviews R-Case Rules Results
04/28/2016 General Counsel of NLRB Issues Memorandum on Mandatory Submissions to the Division of Advice


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