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Q2 2021


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06/29/2021 Justice Department Reaches Agreement with the City of Killeen, Texas to Improve Access for Individuals with Disabilities
06/28/2021 National Labor Relations Board Announces Promotions of Regional Staff
06/23/2021 Justice Department Reaches Agreement with San Luis Obispo County Jail to Ensure Safe and Equal Access to its Programs for Inmates with Mobility Disabilities
06/23/2021 Justice Department Settles Claim Against Operators of a Utah On-The-Job Training Program for Discriminating Against Asylee
06/16/2021 Justice Department Settles with North Carolina Dental Offices Over HIV Discrimination
06/15/2021 Justice Department Reaches Agreement with Newton County, Arkansas and its Board of Election Commissioners to Ensure Polling Place Accessibility for Voters with Disabilities
06/14/2021 Justice Department Settles with Texas-Based Industrial Contractor to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim
06/09/2021 Board Rules Solicitation of Mail Ballots is Objectionable Election Conduct
06/07/2021 Justice Department Settles Disability Discrimination Claims Against 19 Building Owners
06/03/2021 Justice Department Resolves ADA Complaint with Maine Department of Health and Human Services
05/26/2021 Justice Department Announces Settlement with Ashley Home Store Over Discrimination Claims of Indiana Army National Guardsman
05/26/2021 Justice Department Settles with New York-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
05/23/2021 Justice Department Settles with Georgia-Based Staffing Company to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
05/16/2021 Justice Department Settles Discrimination Claim Against Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.
05/06/2021 NLRB Invites Briefs on Backpay???Form-Filing???Deadline???
05/05/2021 Justice Department Reaches Agreement with Two Community Colleges to Improve Access for Students with Disabilities
04/21/2021 National Labor Relations Board retains longstanding contract-bar doctrine
04/12/2021 Justice Department Announces $2.2 Million Settlement of Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Police
04/07/2021 Justice Department Moves to Intervene in Disability Discrimination Suit Against City of Chicago Regarding Pedestrians with Visual Disabilities


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