History. Confucianism began with the ideas of the sage K'ung Fu-tzu, known in the West as Confucius. Confucius did not intend to create a religion, but rather a way of life, and instruction on how to live well according to the values of duty, courtesy, wisdom and generosity. One of the key concepts was that children should honor father and mother. Later sages developed the ideas of Confucius into a religious system. Confucianism began in China.

Beliefs and Practices. Confucius taught the importance of the family and respect for elders. He valued learning and rituals, and ancesor worship was an important part of his teachings. The five books known as the Five Classics make were used by Confucius to educate his followers. The individual books are History, Poetry, Rites, Changes (I Ching), and the Annals of Spring and Autumn. For thousands of years these books were used to train Chinese civil servants.

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