History. Western African religions came to the West in the 18th century due to slave trade. The West African religions and French Roman Catholicism combined in Haiti to form Voodoo. Voodoo was outlawed, but continued underground and spread throughout the Caribbean, Brazil and into the U.S. Today Voodoo is primarily in Haiti, but can also be found in New Orleans, New York City and Miami.

Beliefs and Practices. The supreme being recognized by Voodoo or Voudoun is known as Bon Dieu. Other spiritual beings recognized by Voodoo include the dead, and other gods known as loa which are generally associated with Catholic saints. Worship services often include dance rituals that may be conducted by a priest (Houngan) or priestess (mambo). During the worship ceremonies spirits may enter the dancers and allow them to enter trances where prophecies may be provided.

Calendar and Holidays. The following is a list of major Voodoo festivals. All are fixed according to the Gregorian calendar.
  • January 2-4 Cassé Gâteau
  • January 6 Tirer Gâteau (Les rois)
  • February 25 Norriture Rituelle des sources têt d' l'eau
  • March 16 Loco Davi (manger du bois rituel)
  • March 19 St Joseph Expression de la juridiction Legba
  • March 20 Legba Zaou
  • April 27 Dan Wè Zo, alias St Louis Cleimeille
  • April 29 Cassé Canari ou Wèt mô nan d'lo
  • April 30 Mangé les Morts
  • May 12 "Mangers" pour divers loas
  • May 18 "Manger" pour Gran'n Aloumandia
  • May 20,21 Simbi Blanc
  • June 24 Saint Jean
  • June 28 M'Guine Sauveur table servie pour maitresse Erzulie, maitresse Tenaisse, maitresse Mambo
  • Mid July Pilgrimage to Saut d' l'Eau
  • July 25 Papa Ogou (St Jacques le Majeur)
  • July 26 Gran'Délai et Gran'Aloumandia (Sainte Anne)
  • July 29 Maitresse Silverine
  • August 25 Table Communion pour Dan Wezo, Roi de France
  • August 30 Agou
  • September 25 Roi Wangol, Mousindi
  • September 29 Manman Aloumandia
  • September 30 Maitresse Délai
  • October 30-31 "Chanté - messes"
  • November 1 All Saints Day
  • November 2 Fete Guédé (All Souls)  
  • November 25 Mangé Yam (fête de la moisson)
  • December 10 Ganga - Bois
  • December 12-13 Agoué - Arroyo (Mangé la mer)
  • December 25 Bain de Noêl (Frotté feuilles) or Fête des Membres

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