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Exit Interviews

Among the important questions which should be asked in an exit interview are the following:

1. What were the primary terms and conditions of working for ________ (insert employer name) which you most enjoyed?

2. What were the terms and conditions of employment which you least enjoyed?

3. Did you feel you were treated fairly by your supervisor and other members of management? If not, please describe your problems?

4. Did you have any problems in working with your co-employees? If so, please describe?

5. Were the physical facilities present at __________ (insert company name) adequate to enable you to do your job? Did you have adequate, available supplies to handle your responsibilities?

6. Did ___________ (insert company name) provide you with an opportunity for advancement?

7. (If the individual interviewed is a member of a protected class) Did you feel you were treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory fashion during your employment with the company? If not, please elaborate?

8. Did you feel that the company encouraged and was interested in your ideas? If not, please elaborate.

9. What suggestions would you give the company to improve its relationships with employees such as yourself?

10. What suggestions would you give the company to improve its performance?

11. During your employment with the company, were you ever aware of any legal or regulatory violations which need to be addressed? If so, please describe?

12. Did the company follow its own internal rules and policies? If not, identify the problems?

13. Were there any rules or policies or practices with which you had a serious disagreement? If so, please identify and explain your reasoning?

14. Would you recommend ___________ (insert company name) as a good place to work? If not, why not?
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