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Safety and Health Policies, Rules, and Regulations

Employer has compiled a set of written safety and health programs according to federal, state, and local regulations. This set of programs is kept in the following locations: The Employer Safety Office at __________. The contents of these programs are communicated to employees through training, documentation of training, and supervisor instruction. Signs, labels, and posted written notices are located throughout the various facilities which identify specific hazards, hazardous areas, and the proper personal protective equipment required to deal with these hazards.

It is of critical importance that each employee follow these safety and health policies, rules, and regulations. Employee disregard for these policies, rules, and regulations may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
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05/30/2014 NLRB and OSHA Enter Into Agreement to Extend Whistleblower Complaint Filing Period
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01/30/2014 OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Deadline Coming Up on February 1st
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12/31/2013 Q and A About Changes to VEVRAA and Section 503
12/06/2013 OSHA Launches Online Complaint Form for Whistleblowers
11/21/2013 Department of Labor Announces Rules to Update Regulations
11/18/2013 OSHA Fines Two Contractors Over $400,000 for Violations of Safety Violations
11/13/2013 OSHA Issues Proposed Rule to Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
09/06/2013 Engine Cooling System Manufacturer to Pay $1,335,000 for Death of Worker at Plant
08/19/2013 $1,138,500 in Fines for Safety Violations by Steel Company
08/05/2013 Over $128,500 in Penalties for Grocery Stores in Iowa and Nebraska for Child Labor Violations
07/11/2013 Mine Safety Health Administration Releases Final Data for 2012 Fatality and Injury Rates
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11/15/2012 $356,042 in Back Wages and OSHA Penalties Against Companies Who Hired Student Workers
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03/25/2011 Company Cited for $129,000 for Exposing Workers to Lead Hazards


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