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Ohio Meal and Rest Periods Law


Law regarding Ohio's meal and rest period law is located in Title XLI, Chapters 4109 and 4115; and Title XLIX, Chapter 4973 of the Ohio Revised Code Annotated.

4109.06 Employment of Minors. Exceptions to coverage.
(B) Sections 4109.02, 4109.08, 4109.09, and 4109.11 of the Revised Code do not apply to:

(1) Minors who work in a sheltered workshop operated by a county board of mental retardation;

(2) Minors performing services for a nonprofit organization where the minor receives no compensation, except for any expenses incurred by the minor or except for meals provided to the minor;

(3) Minors employed in agricultural employment and who do not reside in agricultural labor camps.

4109.07 Restrictions on hours of employment.

(A) No person under sixteen years of age shall be employed:

(1) During school hours except where specifically permitted by this chapter;

(2) Before seven a.m.;

(3) After nine p.m. from the first day of June to the first day of September or during any school holiday of five school days or more duration, or after seven p.m. at any other time;

(4) For more than three hours a day in any school day;

(5) For more than eighteen hours in any week while school is in session;

(6) For more than eight hours in any day which is not a school day;

(7) For more than forty hours in any week that school is not in session.

(B) No person under sixteen years of age may be employed more than forty hours in any one week nor during school hours unless employment is incidental to bona fide programs of vocational cooperative training, work-study, or other work-oriented programs with the purpose of educating students, and the program meets standards established by the state board of education.

(C) No employer shall employ a minor more than five consecutive hours without allowing the minor a rest period of at least thirty minutes. The rest period need not be included in the computation of the number of hours worked by the minor.

(D) No person sixteen or seventeen years of age who is required to attend school under Chapter 3321. of the Revised Code shall be employed:
(1) Before seven a.m. on any day that school is in session, except such person may be employed after six a.m. if the person was not employed after eight p.m. the previous night;
(2) After eleven p.m. on any night preceding a day that school is in session.

(E) As used in this section, "school" refers to either a school the child actually attends or a school he is required to attend pursuant to Chapter 3321. of the Revised Code.

4109.11 Records required to be kept; official access; false statements prohibited.

Every employer shall keep a time book or other written records which shall state the name, address, and occupation of each minor employed, the number of hours worked by such minor on each day of the week, the hours of beginning and ending work, the hours of beginning and ending meal periods, and the amount of wages paid each pay period to each minor. The director of commerce or the director's authorized representative shall have access to and the right to copy from the time book or records. Records shall be kept for a period of two years. No employer shall fail to keep such time book or records, or knowingly make false statements therein, or refuse to make the time book and records accessible, upon request, to the director or the director's authorized representative.

4115.02 Maximum consecutive hours for firemen on duty.

The chief of the fire department of each municipal corporation, township, or fire district employing three or more full-time paid firemen, unless exempt under this section, shall divide the uniform force into not less than two platoons, and where the uniform force is so divided into two platoons the said chief shall keep a platoon of the uniform force on duty twenty-four consecutive hours, after which the platoon serving twenty-four hours shall be allowed to remain off duty for at least twenty-four consecutive hours, except in cases of extraordinary emergency. Each individual member of the platoons in addition to receiving a minimum of twenty-four hours off duty in each period of forty-eight hours shall receive an additional period of twenty-four consecutive hours off duty in each period of eight days so that no individual member shall be on duty more than a total of seventy-two hours in any period of eight days. The chief shall arrange the schedule of working hours to comply with this section. The chief may, however, in cases of sickness, death, or on other necessary occasions, permit the exchange of working hours between members of the department. In each municipal corporation, township, and fire district all employees of the fire department shall be given not less than two weeks' leave of absence annually, with full pay. This section insofar as it relates to off duty periods does not apply to any municipal corporation, township, or fire district that adopts a forty-hour week or to any municipal corporation, township, or fire district which has a three platoon system the members of which work twenty-four consecutive hours immediately followed by forty-eight consecutive hours off duty, but the provisions relating to the two weeks' leave of absence do apply.

"Full-time paid firemen" as used in this section does not include volunteer firemen, or firemen who work part-time.

4973.11 Hours of service of certain railroad employees.

No company operating a railroad over thirty miles in length or an interurban railroad or street railway over four miles in length shall permit a conductor, engineer, fireman, brakeman, or trainman on a train, a telegraph operator, or a conductor or motorman on a street railway, who has worked as such for fifteen consecutive hours, again to go on duty or perform work until he has had at least eight hours' rest, except in cases of detention of trains or cars caused by accident, unavoidable or otherwise. Such companies shall so regulate the hours of employment of their employees that each employee shall have at least eight consecutive hours of rest in each period of twenty-four hours.

A railroad company which knowingly violates this section shall forfeit not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars for the first offense, and for any subsequent offense, not less than one thousand nor more than fifteen hundred dollars, to be recovered by civil action in the name of the state.

Sec. 3781.55. Breast-feeding.

A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location of a place of public accommodation wherein the mother otherwise is permitted.

"Place of public accommodation" has the same meaning as in section 4112.01 of the Revised Code.

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