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Puerto Rico Family and Medical Leave Law


It does not appear that Puerto Rico has a Family and Medical Leave Act, but public employees may take up to four hours of paid leave per year to donate blood.

Puerto Rico also provides working mothers with paid maternity leave. During pregnancy, a working mother is entitled to a paid leave of absence lasting four weeks immediately preceding and four weeks immediately following childbirth. Alternatively, the working mother can work until one week before her childbirth and then up to seven weeks after if she can obtain a medical certificate demonstrating that she is physically able to work. The leave can be extended, but would be unpaid in certain medically necessary situations. Puerto Rico Laws Annotated at Title 29, part I, Chapter 19, Sections 467 through 474.

A female employee who adopts a minor five years old or less that is not registered in an educational institution, is entitled to the same leave benefits that an employee who gives birth is entitled to under Puerto Rico's pregnancy/maternity leave law.

On January 26, 2017, the Governor of Puerto Rico approved the Labor Transformation and Flexibility Act. The Act makes substantial changes to virtually all existing Puerto Rican employment laws. The law contains numerous changes on employment contracts, exclusions, independent contractors, employee rights, contract termination, statute of limitations, overtime, vacation and sick leave, gross income, and unemployment insurance.

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