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Puerto Rico Overtime Pay Law


An employer must pay double for any hours of work performed in excessof the daily eight (8) hour workday or the forty (40) hour workweek,except when by decree of the Board of Minimum Wages or by individual orcollective agreement other standards have been provided, or when timeand one-half is the standard for employers covered by the federal FairLabor Standards Act. Again, the Board or a collective agreement mayprovide for different standards.  Employers with over 25 employees are required to pay a minimum of $11.50 per hour for work done on Sunday. 

On January 26, 2017, the Governor of Puerto Rico approved the Labor Transformation and Flexibility Act. The Act makes substantial changes to virtually all existing Puerto Rican employment laws. The law contains numerous changes on employment contracts, exclusions, independent contractors, employee rights, contract termination, statute of limitations, overtime, vacation and sick leave, gross income, and unemployment insurance.

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