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06/22/2022 Justice Department Settles With California-Based IT Recruiter to Resolve Hiring Discrimination Claim
03/31/2022 EEOC to Add Non-Binary Gender Option to Discrimination Charge Intake Process
02/22/2022 Veteran Rights & Discrimination Information
03/17/2021 State Psychiatric Hospital Refused to Hire Older Applicant
03/16/2021 Awning Manufacturer Would Not Hire Applicant Because She Is Deaf
03/16/2021 Frito-Lay Settles EEOC Religious Discrimination Lawsuit
03/12/2021 NLRB Withdrawing Proposed Rule Regarding Student Employment
01/29/2020 DOJ Settles Lawsuit Against the South Dakota Department of Social Services
01/07/2020 DOJ Announces Settlement with Walmart Over Discrimination Claim
04/15/2019 Settlement Resolves EEOC Lawsuit Alleging the Tire Company Had Failed to Hire a Transgender Applicant
04/12/2019 Trucking Company Used Post-Offer Screen That Screened Out Applicants On the Basis of Disability
04/10/2019 Company Refused to Interview a Woman to be a Waste Truck Driver
10/25/2018 Up to $62,000 to Settle GINA Case
10/23/2018 Food Distributors to Pay $3.6 Million And Offer 150 Jobs To Settle Class Sex Discrimination Lawsuit
10/18/2018 Federal Contractor to Pay $599,989 to Settle Alleged Hiring Discrimination Case


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