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March 2009


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03/31/2009 Star Tribune Company to Pay Over $300,000 for Alleged Sexual Harassment
03/30/2009 $4.3 Million Court Approved Settlement in National Origin Bias Case
03/27/2009 United Airlines Settles Disability Bias Case for $850,000
03/26/2009 Senior Community Service Employment Program Grantees to Receive More than $118 Million Under Recovery Act
03/25/2009 Veteran to Receive $118,000 in Back Pay, Damages
03/24/2009 Model Notices Released for COBRA Subsidy Under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
03/23/2009 N-M Ventures to Pay $457,500 to Settle Race Bias Suit
03/20/2009 More on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
03/19/2009 Guidance Issued by DOL for Employment and Training Programs Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
03/18/2009 Employee Free Choice Act Would Eliminate Secret-Ballot Union Certification Election and More
03/17/2009 Wheeler Construction to Pay $325,000 to Settle National Origin and Harassment Suit
03/16/2009 Basic Energy Services to Pay $250,000 to Settle Sex Bias Suit
03/13/2009 OSHA Cites Automotive Parts Supplier with $135,000 in Proposed Penalties
03/12/2009 $300,000 Settlement With Memphis Pension Consultants
03/11/2009 $50,000 Settlement by Advance Auto Parts in Disability Bias Case
03/10/2009 $60,000 Settlement in Race Bias Suit in New Jersey - Shopper's Vineyard, a wine and liquor store in Clifton, N.J., agreed to pay $60,000 and provide substantial injunctive...
03/09/2009 Horse Farm to Pay $180,000 to Settle EEOC Sex Harassment and Retaliation Suit
03/06/2009 Athletic Club to Pay $161,000 to Settle Sex Harassment Suit
03/05/2009 HIPAA Health Data Privacy and Security Regulations Significantly Broadened by Stimulus Package
03/04/2009 Restrictions on TARP Recipients for H-1B Purposes
03/03/2009 Court Finds That Employer's Failure to Research FMLA Grounds for Lack of Good Faith
03/02/2009 USCIS Delays Rule Changing I-9


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