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03/16/2021 Company Fired Employee After Learning About Her Disability
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03/10/2021 Employees Subjected to Religious Discrimination and Retaliation
03/05/2021 Despite Arrest at Work, Restaurant Manager Continued to Target Young Women
03/01/2021 Charleston County School District Agrees to Provide Language Access for Limited English Proficient Parents
03/01/2021 Tennessee Dealership Fired Service Consultant Because of Her Sex
03/23/2020 Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Richmond County Sheriff s Office
01/07/2020 DOJ Announces Settlement with Walmart Over Discrimination Claim
02/05/2019 Convenience Stores to Pay $100,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit
06/04/2018 Vermont Passes New Law Prohibiting Salary History Inquiries
10/12/2017 EEOC Develops New On-Site In-Person Training Program on Respect in the Workplace
05/12/2017 $31,000 Settlement for Potential HIPAA Violations When No Business Associate Agreement by Small Health Care Provider
05/10/2017 Ninth Circuit Rules Prior Salary May Support Differences in Compensation under the EPA


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