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09/09/2014 Bloodborne Pathogen Training Glossary of Terms for HR Classroom Training.
09/01/2011 NLRB Issues New Posting Rule on Notification of Employee Rights Under NLRA
08/01/2011 EEO-1 and VETS-100 Reports Due September 30
07/01/2011 Supreme Court: Arizona's "Legal Arizona Workers Act" Not Preempted by Federal Law
06/01/2011 Philadelphia Employers Must Modify Employment Application Under Criminal Record Law
05/01/2011 Supreme Court Allows Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements
04/01/2011 Supreme Court Rules Employers Liable in Discrimination Cases Even If Ultimate Decision by Manager Who Was Not Biased
04/01/2011 Supreme Court Rules An Oral Complaint About Time-Keeping Practices is Protected Activity and Supports Retaliation Claim
03/01/2011 Supreme Court Rules Background Checks on Government Contractors Do Not Violate Constitution
02/01/2011 Proposed NLRB Notice Could Cause Uptick in Union Activity
01/03/2011 Arizona Voters Pass Medical Marijuana Proposition; Employers Should Prepare to Comply
01/02/2011 NLRB Activism Update: Acting General Counsel Directs Remedies Initiative, NLRB Proposes Rights Notice
12/01/2010 Drug Firm to Pay $750 Million False Claims Act/Whistleblower Settlement for Health Care Fraud
11/01/2010 Reminder of Obligations Imposed on Employers by State Voting Rights Laws
10/01/2010 A Sign of Changes to Come: NLRB's New Majority Rules Union "Bannering" Lawful
09/01/2010 More Health Care Regulations: No More Cost Sharing for Evidence-Based Preventive Services
08/02/2010 Wall Street Reform Act Expands Employer's Whistleblower Liability
07/01/2010 Important Update for E-Verify Users: Program Redesign and Required Tutorial
06/01/2010 Supreme Court Revives Chicago Firefighters' Disparate Impact Claims
05/02/2010 Health Care Reform - A Sensible and Practical Plan for Attack
04/01/2010 How The Health Care Reform Law Impacts Employers
03/01/2010 DOL Issues COBRA Subsidy Extension Model Notices
02/01/2010 EXECUTIVE ORDER 13496: Are You Prepared to Post a Federal Notice Encouraging Your Employees to Organize?
01/04/2010 COBRA Subsidy Eligibility Extended by Two Months
12/01/2009 President Signs Expansion of FMLA Coverage for Military Families
11/02/2009 EEOC Issues Technical Assistance Document on Pandemic Planning in the Workplace
10/01/2009 Mental Health Parity: Is Your Health Plan Ready?
09/01/2009 USCIS Conducting H-1B Site Inspections
08/01/2009 ICE Sends Over 650 Employers I-9 Audit Notices in Nationwide Immigration Enforcement Initiative
07/01/2009 OFCCP's Budget Expected to Increase to Over $100 Million Increased Emphasis on Employers' Compensation Practices Anticipated
06/01/2009 Best Practices for Avoiding Age Discrimination Lawsuits and Claims in RIFs
05/01/2009 COBRA Premium Subsidies Notice Requirements and Action Plan
04/01/2009 DOL Issues Model COBRA Subsidy Notices and Forms
03/02/2009 President Obama Issues Trio of Pro-Union Executive Orders, Then Issues a Fourth Executive Order; Organized Labor "Welcomed Back" to White House
02/02/2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 Becomes Law
01/01/2009 "Change Will Happen" - The Future of Workplace Law under President-Elect Barack Obama
12/30/2008 New FMLA Rules - Free Webinar by Jackson Lewis
12/02/2008 Jackson Lewis Announces Free Webinar on the Revised FMLA -- New Rules Effective January 16
12/01/2008 Long Awaited FMLA Regulations Released
11/21/2008 Jackson Lewis Presents Webinar on EFCA
11/07/2008 Preparing for EFCA – Complimentary Jackson Lewis Webinar November 13th at 12 noon EST
11/01/2008 President Bush Signs Landmark Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act
09/01/2008 Health Care Provider Agrees to Pay Nearly $1 Million to Texas for Mishandling Personal Data
08/01/2008 Supreme Court Complicates Judicial Review of "Dual-Role" Discretionary Benefit Decisions
07/21/2008 Supreme Court Strikes Down California's Union Neutrality Law
06/01/2008 Supreme Court Gives Green Light for Retaliation Claims Under Two Civil Rights Statutes
05/21/2008 Supreme Court: Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards under FAA Limited to Grounds Authorized in the Act -- Agreement Calling for Different Standard of Judicial Review Unenforceable
04/01/2008 Fourth Circuit Finds Interests of Employer and Other Employees Not Trumped by Religious Accommodation
03/01/2008 Special Report on Retaliation Claims: An Overview for EPL Claims Managers and Underwriters
02/01/2008 FMLA Amendments Extend Leave to Families of Servicemembers
01/01/2008 NLRB Decisions Reflect Trend of Emerging Employee Rights
12/01/2007 USCIS Announces New Form I-9 Effective as of December 26, 2007
11/01/2007 Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Examining the Issues, Understanding the Legal Risks, Exploring Positive Solutions
10/01/2007 Seventh Circuit Rules No Right to Full Pay for Light Duty Work Under FMLA
09/01/2007 Employers May Face Increased Liability Following California Appeals Court Ruling on Class Actions
08/01/2007 Merger Not a Method of Plan Termination Under ERISA Title IV
07/01/2007 Court Declares Law Firm's Alternate Dispute Resolution Program Unconscionable and Unenforceable
06/01/2007 Are You Ready for the New Rules on Preserving Electronic Information?
05/01/2007 Suggestions on Countering Large-Scale Lawsuits (Part 2 of 2)
04/01/2007 Suggestions on Countering High Risk Litigation
03/01/2007 Clarification on "Supervisors" Gives Employers Strategic, Operational and Training Opportunities
02/01/2007 Change in Congressional Leadership Puts Employment Issues at Top of Legislative Priority List
01/01/2007 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Announces Initiative to Help Employers Ensure the Legal Status of Their Workforce
12/01/2006 District Court Lacks Jurisdiction To Enforce Preliminary Orders of Reinstatement In Sarbanes-Oxley Cases
11/01/2006 Recent Developments in Retaliation, FMLA, Successorship Obligations, and OFCCP Guidelines
10/01/2006 Special Rules on Release Agreements Raise Questions and Create Litigation Risks
09/01/2006 NLRB Provides Guidance on Successor Employer's Refusal to Rehire Predecessor's Employees
08/01/2006 FEHC Modifies Proposed Regulations on California Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Law
07/01/2006 Drug Testing: Courts Issue Rulings Favorable to Substance Abuse Management Efforts
05/01/2006 Lawsuits Decrease, Supervisory Training Reaches Nearly 90%, According to 2005 Jackson Lewis Annual Workplace Survey
04/01/2006 Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice Must Be Filed Electronically by March 31
03/01/2006 Can Workplace Policies Minimize Your Organization's Potential Risk from Employee Blogs?
02/01/2006 OFCCP Issues Long Awaited Final Rule on Definition of Internet Applicant
01/01/2006 All Employers Should Consider the Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs
12/21/2005 Court Enforces DOL/OSHA Order of Reinstatement of Former Employees Under Sarbanes-Oxley
11/01/2005 Federal Appeals Court Rejects Waiver of FMLA Claims Not Approved by DOL or Court
10/01/2005 FTC Rule Requires Reasonable Measures to Dispose of Consumer Information on Employees
09/01/2005 ADA Does Not Protect Blind Employee with Performance Problems
08/01/2005 Organizations Risk Employee Lawsuits for Failing to Comply with Training Mandates
07/01/2005 DOL and SEC Offer Tips for Selecting Service Providers for Retirement Plans and Evaluating Their Objectivity
06/01/2005 Employers May Fight Back Through The Class Action Fairness Act
05/01/2005 Amendments to USERRA Create Additional Responsibilities for Employers
04/01/2005 When Federal and State Laws Differ: Part I on Minimum Wage Payments
03/01/2005 Annual OSHA Recordkeeping Posting Started February 1st
02/01/2005 Claimants' Attorneys' Fees and Costs in Judgments and Settlements Are Deductible Under New Tax Code Provision
01/01/2005 Electronic Storage of Form I-9 Verifying Employment Authorization Permitted
12/01/2004 Employment-Related Supreme Court Decisions: A Backward and Forward Glance
11/01/2004 An Imperative for Employers Everywhere: California Enacts Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Statute
10/01/2004 More on the Department of Labor's Final COBRA Notice Regulations
09/01/2004 Supreme Court: Federal Four-Year Limitations Statute Applies to Suit Under 1991 Civil Rights Act
08/01/2004 Liability Risks Do Not End When FMLA Leave Is Over: Retaliation under Family and Medical Leave Act
07/01/2004 Supreme Court Allows Ellerth/Faragher Affirmative Defense in Certain "Constructive Discharge" Claims
06/01/2004 DOL Issues Final COBRA Notice Regulations
05/01/2004 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the Final DOL Regulations on the White Collar Exemptions
04/01/2004 New Overtime Regulations Anticipated by End of March; More Congressional Blocking Action Promised
03/01/2004 The State of the Workplace: Jackson Lewis Annual Workplace Law Survey Reveals Trends and Attitudes at U.S. Corporations
02/01/2004 Small Employer Obligations Under HIPAA Privacy Rules: Part II
01/01/2004 Small Employer Obligations Under HIPAA Privacy Rules: Part I
12/01/2003 Co-Worker Witness in Harassment Case Can Sue Employer for Retaliatory Discharge Under Title VII
11/01/2003 Employer Can Compel Arbitration of Wage Claims Even Though Agreement Is Inconsistent with FLSA
10/01/2003 Whistleblower Act Creates New Liability For Illinois Employers
09/01/2003 DOT Revises Reporting Methods for Annual Testing Data
08/01/2003 Department of Labor Issues Proposed Regulations on COBRA Notices
07/01/2003 High Court Clarifies Discretion to Reject Treating Physicians' Opinions in ERISA Claims Determinations
06/01/2003 Labor Department Seeks Written Comments Regarding Proposed Revisions to "White Collar" Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
05/01/2003 Potential for Spread of SARS in the Workplace Presents Significant Legal Issues for Employers
04/01/2003 Preventive Strategies for OSHA Enforcement Readiness
03/01/2003 Federal Wage and Hour Division Enforcement Collections Highest in Decade;FMLA Enforcement Also Increased
02/01/2003 Updated Guidance Precedes Upcoming Deadline For HIPAA Privacy Compliance
01/01/2003 The State of the Workplace: The Jackson Lewis Annual Workplace Law Survey Reveals Trends and Attitudes at U.S Corporations
12/01/2002 INS Requires Nationals of Thirteen Additional Countries to Register
11/02/2002 Corporate Wrongdoing Legislation Gives Employees Whistleblower Protection Against Discrimination and Harassment
10/01/2002 Nonunion Employees Find Protection Under Federal and State Labor Laws
09/01/2002 "Continuing Violation" Theory Overrides Time Limit for Filing Hostile Environment Charges under Title VII
08/01/2002 Practical Issues for Employers to Consider When Creating a Substance Abuse Testing Program
06/01/2002 California Employers Should Ensure Compliance With Recent Amendments When Obtaining Consumer Reports
05/01/2002 Supreme Court Says Employers Need Not Violate Seniority System as ADA Reasonable Accommodation in Most Cases
04/01/2002 Federal Rules Require Covered Entities and Employers to Limit Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information - Part II
03/01/2002 Labor Board Toughens Standard for Employers Seeking to Withdraw Union Recognition
02/01/2002 Employment Discrimination Cases Before High Court Could Alter Significantly Workplace Relations
01/01/2002 Refresher on INS Form I-9 Requirements
12/01/2001 Preventing Violence and Disruption in the Workplace
11/01/2001 Workplace Safety: Postal Service, CDC Issue Advisories on Mail Handling to Avoid Exposure to Biological or Chemical Contaminants
10/01/2001 The Need for a Secure Workplace: Monitoring Telephone, E-mail and Internet Usage
09/01/2001 Planning a RIF Means Drafting Releases That Comply with the Latest Interpretation from the EEOC and the Courts
08/01/2001 Federal Rules Protecting Privacy of Employee Health Information Take Effect
07/01/2001 Claims Bound to Increase as a Faltering Economy Prompts Layoffs
06/01/2001 DOL Issues Final Revised Summary Plan Description Regulations
05/01/2001 Supreme Court Upholds Private Arbitration of Employment Disputes: Employers Can Opt to Keep Employees Out of Court
04/01/2001 Employment Practices Liability Insurance: A Viable Preventive Strategy
03/01/2001 New H-1B Regulations Create Protections for H-1B Workers/U.S. Workers and Requirements for Employers
02/01/2001 Congress Raises H-1B Cap/Makes Employment of H-1B Visa Holders Easier
02/01/2001 LIFE Act Makes Adjustment of Status Possible For Aliens Barred From Immigrant Status
01/01/2001 Summary of OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard
12/01/2000 Right to Representation During Interview Applies to Nonunion Employees
11/01/2000 Recruiting and Hiring in a Tight Labor Market: Immigration Issues Part 3
10/01/2000 Recruiting and Hiring in a Tight Labor Market: Immigration Issues Part 2
09/01/2000 Recruiting and Hiring in a Tight Labor Market: Immigration Issues Part 1
07/01/2000 Traditional Privacy Issues and Sample Inspection Policy
06/01/2000 Internet, Surveillance, Financial Information, Drug Testing
05/01/2000 Monitoring Telephone Calls and E-mail
02/01/2000 EPL Insurance Part 2
01/01/2000 EPL Insurance Part 1
08/01/1999 Supreme Court Rulings on the ADA Narrow the Definition of "Disability" and Limit Class of Potential Litigants
07/01/1999 U.S. Supreme Court Safeguards Employer Efforts to Prevent Discrimination and Bolsters Incentives for Policies and Management Training
06/01/1999 Family and Medical Leave -- Jury Awards $375,000 to Maryland Father Denied FMLA Leave
05/01/1999 IRS and DOL Requirements Complicate Employers Classification of Independent Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers
04/01/1999 Extended Leave and Reassignment Obligations Dominate EEOC's New Enforcement Guidance on Reasonable Accommodation
03/01/1999 Making Sure Mandatory Agreements to Arbitrate Employment Disputes are Enforceable
02/01/1999 Y2K And Employee Benefits: Issues for Plans, Sponsors, and Fiduciaries
01/01/1999 Ten Step Response To the New Rules On Workplace Sexual Harassment


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