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Bloodborne Pathogen Training Glossary of Terms for HR Classroom Training.
NLRB Issues New Posting Rule on Notification of Employee Rights Under NLRA
EEO-1 and VETS-100 Reports Due September 30
Supreme Court: Arizona's "Legal Arizona Workers Act" Not Preempted by Federal Law
Philadelphia Employers Must Modify Employment Application Under Criminal Record Law
Supreme Court Allows Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements
Supreme Court Rules Employers Liable in Discrimination Cases Even If Ultimate Decision by Manager Who Was Not Biased
Supreme Court Rules An Oral Complaint About Time-Keeping Practices is Protected Activity and Supports Retaliation Claim
Supreme Court Rules Background Checks on Government Contractors Do Not Violate Constitution
Proposed NLRB Notice Could Cause Uptick in Union Activity
Arizona Voters Pass Medical Marijuana Proposition; Employers Should Prepare to Comply
NLRB Activism Update: Acting General Counsel Directs Remedies Initiative, NLRB Proposes Rights Notice
Drug Firm to Pay $750 Million False Claims Act/Whistleblower Settlement for Health Care Fraud
Reminder of Obligations Imposed on Employers by State Voting Rights Laws
A Sign of Changes to Come: NLRB's New Majority Rules Union "Bannering" Lawful
More Health Care Regulations: No More Cost Sharing for Evidence-Based Preventive Services
Wall Street Reform Act Expands Employer's Whistleblower Liability
Important Update for E-Verify Users: Program Redesign and Required Tutorial
Supreme Court Revives Chicago Firefighters' Disparate Impact Claims
Health Care Reform - A Sensible and Practical Plan for Attack
How The Health Care Reform Law Impacts Employers
DOL Issues COBRA Subsidy Extension Model Notices
EXECUTIVE ORDER 13496: Are You Prepared to Post a Federal Notice Encouraging Your Employees to Organize?
COBRA Subsidy Eligibility Extended by Two Months
President Signs Expansion of FMLA Coverage for Military Families
EEOC Issues Technical Assistance Document on Pandemic Planning in the Workplace
Mental Health Parity: Is Your Health Plan Ready?
USCIS Conducting H-1B Site Inspections
ICE Sends Over 650 Employers I-9 Audit Notices in Nationwide Immigration Enforcement Initiative
OFCCP's Budget Expected to Increase to Over $100 Million Increased Emphasis on Employers' Compensation Practices Anticipated
Best Practices for Avoiding Age Discrimination Lawsuits and Claims in RIFs
COBRA Premium Subsidies Notice Requirements and Action Plan
DOL Issues Model COBRA Subsidy Notices and Forms
President Obama Issues Trio of Pro-Union Executive Orders, Then Issues a Fourth Executive Order; Organized Labor "Welcomed Back" to White House
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 Becomes Law
"Change Will Happen" - The Future of Workplace Law under President-Elect Barack Obama
New FMLA Rules - Free Webinar by Jackson Lewis
Jackson Lewis Announces Free Webinar on the Revised FMLA -- New Rules Effective January 16
Long Awaited FMLA Regulations Released
Jackson Lewis Presents Webinar on EFCA
Preparing for EFCA – Complimentary Jackson Lewis Webinar November 13th at 12 noon EST
President Bush Signs Landmark Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act
Health Care Provider Agrees to Pay Nearly $1 Million to Texas for Mishandling Personal Data
Supreme Court Complicates Judicial Review of "Dual-Role" Discretionary Benefit Decisions
Supreme Court Strikes Down California's Union Neutrality Law
Supreme Court Gives Green Light for Retaliation Claims Under Two Civil Rights Statutes
Supreme Court: Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards under FAA Limited to Grounds Authorized in the Act -- Agreement Calling for Different Standard of Judicial Review Unenforceable
Fourth Circuit Finds Interests of Employer and Other Employees Not Trumped by Religious Accommodation
Special Report on Retaliation Claims: An Overview for EPL Claims Managers and Underwriters
FMLA Amendments Extend Leave to Families of Servicemembers
NLRB Decisions Reflect Trend of Emerging Employee Rights
USCIS Announces New Form I-9 Effective as of December 26, 2007
Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Examining the Issues, Understanding the Legal Risks, Exploring Positive Solutions
Seventh Circuit Rules No Right to Full Pay for Light Duty Work Under FMLA
Employers May Face Increased Liability Following California Appeals Court Ruling on Class Actions
Merger Not a Method of Plan Termination Under ERISA Title IV
Court Declares Law Firm's Alternate Dispute Resolution Program Unconscionable and Unenforceable
Are You Ready for the New Rules on Preserving Electronic Information?
Suggestions on Countering Large-Scale Lawsuits (Part 2 of 2)
Suggestions on Countering High Risk Litigation
Clarification on "Supervisors" Gives Employers Strategic, Operational and Training Opportunities
Change in Congressional Leadership Puts Employment Issues at Top of Legislative Priority List
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Announces Initiative to Help Employers Ensure the Legal Status of Their Workforce
District Court Lacks Jurisdiction To Enforce Preliminary Orders of Reinstatement In Sarbanes-Oxley Cases
Recent Developments in Retaliation, FMLA, Successorship Obligations, and OFCCP Guidelines
Special Rules on Release Agreements Raise Questions and Create Litigation Risks
NLRB Provides Guidance on Successor Employer's Refusal to Rehire Predecessor's Employees
FEHC Modifies Proposed Regulations on California Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Law
Drug Testing: Courts Issue Rulings Favorable to Substance Abuse Management Efforts
Lawsuits Decrease, Supervisory Training Reaches Nearly 90%, According to 2005 Jackson Lewis Annual Workplace Survey
Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice Must Be Filed Electronically by March 31
Can Workplace Policies Minimize Your Organization's Potential Risk from Employee Blogs?
OFCCP Issues Long Awaited Final Rule on Definition of Internet Applicant
All Employers Should Consider the Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs
Court Enforces DOL/OSHA Order of Reinstatement of Former Employees Under Sarbanes-Oxley
Federal Appeals Court Rejects Waiver of FMLA Claims Not Approved by DOL or Court
FTC Rule Requires Reasonable Measures to Dispose of Consumer Information on Employees
ADA Does Not Protect Blind Employee with Performance Problems
Organizations Risk Employee Lawsuits for Failing to Comply with Training Mandates
DOL and SEC Offer Tips for Selecting Service Providers for Retirement Plans and Evaluating Their Objectivity
Employers May Fight Back Through The Class Action Fairness Act
Amendments to USERRA Create Additional Responsibilities for Employers
When Federal and State Laws Differ: Part I on Minimum Wage Payments
Annual OSHA Recordkeeping Posting Started February 1st
Claimants' Attorneys' Fees and Costs in Judgments and Settlements Are Deductible Under New Tax Code Provision
Electronic Storage of Form I-9 Verifying Employment Authorization Permitted
Employment-Related Supreme Court Decisions: A Backward and Forward Glance
An Imperative for Employers Everywhere: California Enacts Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Statute
More on the Department of Labor's Final COBRA Notice Regulations
Supreme Court: Federal Four-Year Limitations Statute Applies to Suit Under 1991 Civil Rights Act
Liability Risks Do Not End When FMLA Leave Is Over: Retaliation under Family and Medical Leave Act
Supreme Court Allows Ellerth/Faragher Affirmative Defense in Certain "Constructive Discharge" Claims
DOL Issues Final COBRA Notice Regulations
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the Final DOL Regulations on the White Collar Exemptions
New Overtime Regulations Anticipated by End of March; More Congressional Blocking Action Promised
The State of the Workplace: Jackson Lewis Annual Workplace Law Survey Reveals Trends and Attitudes at U.S. Corporations
Small Employer Obligations Under HIPAA Privacy Rules: Part II
Small Employer Obligations Under HIPAA Privacy Rules: Part I
Co-Worker Witness in Harassment Case Can Sue Employer for Retaliatory Discharge Under Title VII
Employer Can Compel Arbitration of Wage Claims Even Though Agreement Is Inconsistent with FLSA
Whistleblower Act Creates New Liability For Illinois Employers
DOT Revises Reporting Methods for Annual Testing Data
Department of Labor Issues Proposed Regulations on COBRA Notices
High Court Clarifies Discretion to Reject Treating Physicians' Opinions in ERISA Claims Determinations
Labor Department Seeks Written Comments Regarding Proposed Revisions to "White Collar" Exemptions Under the Fair Labor Standards Act
Potential for Spread of SARS in the Workplace Presents Significant Legal Issues for Employers
Preventive Strategies for OSHA Enforcement Readiness
Federal Wage and Hour Division Enforcement Collections Highest in Decade;FMLA Enforcement Also Increased
Updated Guidance Precedes Upcoming Deadline For HIPAA Privacy Compliance
The State of the Workplace: The Jackson Lewis Annual Workplace Law Survey Reveals Trends and Attitudes at U.S Corporations
INS Requires Nationals of Thirteen Additional Countries to Register
Corporate Wrongdoing Legislation Gives Employees Whistleblower Protection Against Discrimination and Harassment
Nonunion Employees Find Protection Under Federal and State Labor Laws
"Continuing Violation" Theory Overrides Time Limit for Filing Hostile Environment Charges under Title VII
Practical Issues for Employers to Consider When Creating a Substance Abuse Testing Program
California Employers Should Ensure Compliance With Recent Amendments When Obtaining Consumer Reports
Supreme Court Says Employers Need Not Violate Seniority System as ADA Reasonable Accommodation in Most Cases
Federal Rules Require Covered Entities and Employers to Limit Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information - Part II
Labor Board Toughens Standard for Employers Seeking to Withdraw Union Recognition
Employment Discrimination Cases Before High Court Could Alter Significantly Workplace Relations
Refresher on INS Form I-9 Requirements
Preventing Violence and Disruption in the Workplace
Workplace Safety: Postal Service, CDC Issue Advisories on Mail Handling to Avoid Exposure to Biological or Chemical Contaminants
The Need for a Secure Workplace: Monitoring Telephone, E-mail and Internet Usage
Planning a RIF Means Drafting Releases That Comply with the Latest Interpretation from the EEOC and the Courts
Federal Rules Protecting Privacy of Employee Health Information Take Effect
Claims Bound to Increase as a Faltering Economy Prompts Layoffs
DOL Issues Final Revised Summary Plan Description Regulations
Supreme Court Upholds Private Arbitration of Employment Disputes: Employers Can Opt to Keep Employees Out of Court
Employment Practices Liability Insurance: A Viable Preventive Strategy
New H-1B Regulations Create Protections for H-1B Workers/U.S. Workers and Requirements for Employers
Congress Raises H-1B Cap/Makes Employment of H-1B Visa Holders Easier
LIFE Act Makes Adjustment of Status Possible For Aliens Barred From Immigrant Status
Summary of OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard
Right to Representation During Interview Applies to Nonunion Employees
Recruiting and Hiring in a Tight Labor Market: Immigration Issues Part 3
Recruiting and Hiring in a Tight Labor Market: Immigration Issues Part 2
Recruiting and Hiring in a Tight Labor Market: Immigration Issues Part 1
Traditional Privacy Issues and Sample Inspection Policy
Internet, Surveillance, Financial Information, Drug Testing
Monitoring Telephone Calls and E-mail
EPL Insurance Part 2
EPL Insurance Part 1
Supreme Court Rulings on the ADA Narrow the Definition of "Disability" and Limit Class of Potential Litigants
U.S. Supreme Court Safeguards Employer Efforts to Prevent Discrimination and Bolsters Incentives for Policies and Management Training
Family and Medical Leave -- Jury Awards $375,000 to Maryland Father Denied FMLA Leave
IRS and DOL Requirements Complicate Employers Classification of Independent Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers
Extended Leave and Reassignment Obligations Dominate EEOC's New Enforcement Guidance on Reasonable Accommodation
Making Sure Mandatory Agreements to Arbitrate Employment Disputes are Enforceable
Y2K And Employee Benefits: Issues for Plans, Sponsors, and Fiduciaries
Ten Step Response To the New Rules On Workplace Sexual Harassment


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