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Sample Employee Handbook


This sample employee handbook is provided below with the understanding that the publisher is not providing legal advice, the law changes regularly and varies from state to state, and you should consult an attorney in your state before using any policy or handbook.  This is subject to the terms and conditions of HR Care®, terms.aspx

You should read the Employee Handbook Explanation section before creating your handbook.  You may choose from the sample policies below, adapt them to your company's needs, and add or subtract from them as needed.

Click here for a sample employee handbook with multiple policies included.

Sample Employee Handbook

EEO Statement
Discriminatory Harassment Policy(including Sexual Harassment Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy - Drug-Free Workplace
Policy Pursuant to the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988
FMLA Policy
Bulletin Boards
Call-in Policy
Confidential Information
E-mail - Company Property Inspection Policy
Employee Conduct and Work Rule
Firearms Policy
FLSA Safe Harbor Policy
Paid Holidays
HIPAA Policies
On-the-job Injury and Illness Policy
Open Door Policy
Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy (Sample 1)
Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy (Sample 2)
Sick Leave Policy (Sample 1)
Sick Leave Policy (Sample 2)
Reporting Accidents and Vehicle or Equipment Damage
Safety and Health Policies, Rules, and Regulations
Time Keeping Records
Tobacco Policy
Use of Company Vehicles
Vacation Leave Policy
Violence Policy
Visitors Policy
Workers' Compensation Policy
Employee Acknowledgement of Receipt of Employee Handbook

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