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Need to train your employees and supervisors on legal compliance topics such as sexual harassment prevention, discrimination, diversity, and workplace violence prevention? Faced with scheduling hassles, multiple locations, and new hires?

HR Classroom,, makes your life easier. With HR Classroom, you can deliver legal compliance training to your employees in an easy-to-use format - online, via any Internet-connected computer! Our concise, easy-to-understand trainings give your employees and supervisors the information they need, quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can document exactly what each employee has taken!

The benefits of HR Classroom are significant:
  • You administer trainings from your desktop, via our online administration module.
  • Your employees take training when it's convenient for them - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; no additional costs from downtime or travel!
  • Per-training costs are very affordable - free up your budget (and time) for other HR matters.
  • You can train all employees in important compliance topics - and help protect your company from liability (click here to learn about recent court decisions)
HR Classroom provides two things:  Online Training Delivery and our Compliance System.  If you purchase our trainings you automatically get our Basic System.  In the HR Classroom Basic System trainees self-register and reports provide a list of trainees who have started and completed trainings. You may view your training records online or download the records to your computer in a Spreadsheet format.  This is best for smaller companies although it is recommended that many of these smaller companies also use our Advanced Compliance System. The Basic System does an excellent job of delivering trainings and reporting the results. 

The HR Classroom Advanced Compliance System allows you to quickly and easily deploy all types of trainings to your employees online.  You can use our content or your content: text, graphics, audio, video, any multimedia content. 

Our Advanced Compliance System means there is no hardware for you to purchase or manage and no tech persons for you to hire and supervise. Our easy to use interface lets you deliver sophisticated training to geographically dispersed employees when or where they need it, and have remote access to management tools that allow you to track and report on your training programs. 

The HR Classroom Advanced Compliance Features enables administrators to:
  • Upload employee lists
  • Assign Trainings to employees and groups of employees
  • Send notifications and reminders from the system to complete training requests
  • Create time frames to automate which employees receive training notifications
  • Generate lists of employees who have not completed training requirements
  • Generate lists and notifications of supervisors who have non-compliant employees
  • Distribuite company policies and confirm that employees have received and reviewed them
  • Integrated, Customizable User Portal where employees can launch trainings, view completion history, etc.
  • No hardware to purchase and manage
  • No IT personnel to hire and manage

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