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June, 2015


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Supreme Court Holds that Federal Insurance Exchanges Allow for Tax Credits under Section 36B of the Affordable Care Act
DOL Updating Rule to Extend Overtime Pay to More Salaried Workers
EEOC Updates Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination and Related Issues
EEOC and the Enforcement Protections for LGBT Workers
$330,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit
Department of Labor Announces Grants to Study Access to Paid Leave
Staffing Agencies to Pay Workers Almost $3.5 Million in Back Wages for FLSA Violations
$85,000 Settlement by Elevator Operator, Training Required
Hotel to Pay $150,000 for National Origin and Color Discrimination
Railroad Company to Pay Back Wages and Reinstate Employee Against Whom the Company Retaliated
USCIS Has Reached Second Half of FY 2015 H-2B Cap
United Airlines to Pay $1,000,040 to Settle ADA Claim, Training Ordered
Federa Subcontractor Paid $92,912 for Unpaid Wages and Fringe Benefits for Davis-Bacon Act Violations
Farm Labor Contractor to Pay $320,000 in Civil Penalties for Discrimination Based on Citizenship Status in Violation of the INA
$180,000 for Employees in Race and National Origin Harassment Suit
USCIS Reopens 2015 Cap on H-2B Workers
$137,500 to be Paid by Subsidiary of Staples for Lost Wages and Liquidated Damages
Government Agencies Reissue Guide on Rights and Processes Available for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination
Oil Drilling Company to Pay Rig Worker $245,619 in Disability Discrimination Suit
OSHA Publishes Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Employees
US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Women Denied Employment by Abercrombie and Fitch Based on Her Headscarf
Department of Labor Issuing Proposed Guidance In Applying the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order


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