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July, 2015


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08/03/2015 Manufacturer of CO2 Regulators to Pay $72,500 to Settle Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/31/2015 Temporary Restraining Order Against Brooklyn Preschool Operator for Threatening Employees and Forcing Them to be Part of a Kickback Scheme
07/30/2015 OSHA Issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Clarifying an Employer's Obligation to Maintain Records of Injury and Illness
07/29/2015 Court Enjoins Termination of Employee While It Decides Merits of the Case
07/28/2015 USCIS Issues Memorandum on Final Guidance on When to File and Amended or New H-1B Petition After Matter of Simeo Solutions, LLC
07/27/2015 $1,052,613 to be Restored to ESOP for Violations by Plan's Trustee
07/24/2015 MSHA Creates New Interactive Tool for Documenting Injury and Illness
07/23/2015 OSHA Penalizes Construction Company $423,900 for Failure to Protect Workers
07/22/2015 Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Abercrombie Appeal in Religious Discrimination Case
07/21/2015 Settlement in Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/20/2015 Department of Labor and State of New York File Charges Against Fast Food Franchiser for Wage and Hour Violations
07/17/2015 $100,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case Against Police Department
07/16/2015 Wage and Hour Division Issues Administrator's Interpretation of Employees Who Are Misclassified as Independent Contractors
07/15/2015 $425,000 Settlement in Age Discrimination Case Against Rent-A-Car Company, Training Ordered
07/14/2015 Restaurants to Pay $504,577 in Back Wages for Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Record-keeping Violations
07/13/2015 $200,000 to be Paid by Grocer for Sex Based Hiring Discrimination
07/10/2015 $1.45 Million in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages to be Paid by Direct Mail and Printing Company for FLSA Violations
07/08/2015 Provider of Services to Inmates at Correctional Facilities to Implement Changes to Reduce Workplace Violence Hazards
07/07/2015 USCIS Launches New Promotional Materials to Provide Information About the Naturalization Process
07/02/2015 $135,000 in Back Wages and Damages for FLSA Violations by Restaurants
07/01/2015 Supreme Court Holds that Federal Insurance Exchanges Allow for Tax Credits under Section 36B of the Affordable Care Act


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