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August, 2015


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09/02/2015 EEOC Issues New Edition of Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
09/01/2015 USCIS Launches Spanish Language myE-Verify and Two Other New Services
08/31/2015 Coal Company to Pay $586,860 in Compensatory Damages, Back Pay and Front Pay in Religious Discrimination Case
08/28/2015 $945,000 Paid in Back Wages by Government Contractor for Failure to Pay Prevailing Wage Rates
08/27/2015 EEOC Annual Survey Has Been Mailed Out and Must be Completed by Employers Who Meet the Requirements
08/26/2015 $120,000 to be Paid in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Again Accordion Partitions Manufacturer, Training Ordered
08/25/2015 Target Agrees to Pay $2.8 Million to Resolve Issues Related to Preemployment Assessments
08/24/2015 OSHA Issues Policies and Procedures for Early Resolution Process
08/21/2015 $176,228 in Back Wages and Damages in FLSA Violation Case
08/20/2015 $100,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit Against Home Healthcare Provider, Training Ordered
08/19/2015 Federal Courts Rule that Two Bay Area Companies Misclassified Employees as Independent Contractors and Must Pay $8 Million in Back Wages and Damages
08/18/2015 NLRB Declines to Assert Jurisdiction Involving Northwestern University Football Players
08/17/2015 $300,000 in Back Wages and Damages in FLSA Violations Case Against Delicatessen
08/14/2015 $365,000 in Monetary Relief to be Paid by Adult Entertainment Club for Race Discrimination
08/13/2015 $234,895 to be Paid by Company Maintaining Nuclear Reservation for Discrimination Against Women and African Americans
08/12/2015 Company and Its Affiliate Face $1,939,000 in Penalties for Exposing Their Workers to Asbestos
08/10/2015 EEOC Issue Updated Directive Related to the Federal Sector Complaint Process
08/07/2015 $427,300 in Back Pay and Liquidated Damages Against Contractor for FLSA Violations
08/05/2015 $200,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Trucking Company, Training Ordered
08/04/2015 EEOC Releases Report Illustrating Changes in Demographics of the Workforce
08/03/2015 Manufacturer of CO2 Regulators to Pay $72,500 to Settle Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered


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