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September, 2015


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10/01/2015 EEOC Issues Latest Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
09/30/2015 Supplier of Fast Food and Supermarket Chicken Facing More than $1.4 Million in Fines for OSHA Violations
09/29/2015 $300,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Suit Against Trucking Company, Training Ordered
09/28/2015 OSHA Extends Deadline to Submit Comments on Proposed Rule Regarding Recordable Injuries
09/25/2015 Trucking Company Settles Claim that Mandatory Policy Requiring Strength Tests Adversely Affected Certain Applicants
09/24/2015 Cabela's Enters Into Nationwide Agreement to Improve Minority Hiring and Recruiting
09/23/2015 Halliburton to Pay $18,293,557 for Violations of Overtime Pay and Record Keeping
09/22/2015 $140,000 Settlement in Age Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit Against Heating and Plumbing Contractor
09/21/2015 $600,000 to be Turned Over to Defendants in Case Against Turkey Processing Company
09/18/2015 EEOC Joins Lawsuit Against Financial Loan Company in Transgender Sex Discrimination Lawsuit
09/17/2015 $3.3 Million Fine for Safety Violations in West Virginia Mines
09/16/2015 $190,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case Against Kidney Care Provider
09/15/2015 $600,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against Provider of Call Center Services, Training Ordered
09/14/2015 Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division Takes Administrative Action to Collect $1.9 Million in Penalties from FLDS Church Bishops for Child Labor Violations
09/11/2015 $17,425,000 Verdict in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against Packaging House
09/10/2015 $3.8 Million Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Law Suit Against Con Edison
09/09/2015 BMW to Pay $1.6 Million in Race Discrimination Lawsuit
09/08/2015 NLRB Refines Standard for Joint-Employer Status
09/03/2015 MSHA Proposes Rule Calling for Proximity Detection Systems on Underground Coal Hauling Systems
09/02/2015 EEOC Issues New Edition of Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
09/01/2015 USCIS Launches Spanish Language myE-Verify and Two Other New Services


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