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October, 2015


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11/02/2015 $227,048 in Back Wages and Interest to Employees of Restaurant for Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations
10/30/2015 EEOC to Issue Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Amend Regulations Implementing Title II of GINA
10/29/2015 $60,000 to Settle Alleged Disability Bias
10/28/2015 $2,200,254 in Back Wages, Damages and Penalties to be Paid by Food Manufacturing Company for FLSA Violations
10/27/2015 DOL's Mine Safety and Health Administration Announces Mining Deaths Information
10/26/2015 $149,008 in Back Wages and Damages for Misclassification of Employees
10/23/2015 $240,000 Jury Award in Religious Discrimination Case
10/21/2015 President Signs Executive Order Requiring Federal Contractors to Offer Paid Sick Leave
10/20/2015 NLRB Issues New Edition of NLRB Bench Book for Judges
10/15/2015 Railcar Cleaning Service Placed on Severe Violator Enforcement Program and Faces Penalties of $963,000 After Blast Kills Two Employees
10/14/2015 Government Contractor to Hire 11 Females and Pay $400,000 in Back Wages for Discriminatory Selection Practices
10/12/2015 EEOC Launches Software to Process FOIA Requests and Appeals More Quickly
10/09/2015 Federal Contractor to Hire 171 Employees and Pay $1,253,611 in Back Wages for Discrimination Against African Americans and Women
10/08/2015 $450,000 to be Paid By Potato Packing Companies for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, Training Ordered
10/07/2015 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Overturns ALJs Decision in Enforcement Action Dealing with Pattern of Violations
10/06/2015 EEO-1 Report to be Filed By October 30th
10/05/2015 Blinded Veterans Association to Pay $150,123 to Two Employees to Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuit
10/02/2015 $83,400 Settlement in Case Against Home Depot for Discrimination Against Women in Employment Opportunities
10/01/2015 EEOC Issues Latest Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law


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