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February, 2016


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03/01/2016 DOL Announces Proposed Rule to Implement Executive Order 13706
02/29/2016 $167,500 Settlement Against Aircraft Company for Disability Discrimination, Training Ordered
02/26/2016 Ross Stores to Pay $212,000 in Back Wages to Employees of Subcontractors for FLSA Violations
02/25/2016 EEOC Implements Nationwide Procedures for Release of Respondent Position Statements and Non-Confidential Attachments
02/24/2016 EEOC Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Specific Action for Federal Agencies for Affirmative Action for Individuals with Disabilities
02/23/2016 $250,000 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages to be Paid by Pancake Houses for Requiring Servers to Pay $2 an Hour From Tips to the Employer
02/22/2016 $450,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Cheddar's Franchisee, Training Ordered
02/19/2016 Judge Orders Home Health Provider and Two Officers to Repay $1.7 Million to Profit Sharing Plan
02/18/2016 Vacation Resorts International to Pay $125,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
02/16/2016 EEOC Releases Detailed Breakdown of Workplace Discrimination Received by Agency in FY2015
02/15/2016 $1,020,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit Brought Against Resort and Its Management Company, Training Ordered
02/11/2016 USCIS Defines Returning Workers Who Are to be Exempted from FY 2016 Annual H-2B Cap
02/10/2016 $8.08 Million Settlement Agreement for Payment of Bonuses Not Paid in Retaliation of Strike
02/09/2016 $149,724 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for FLSA Violations by Meat Market
02/08/2016 Grocery Store to Pay $125,000 to Settle Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit
02/05/2016 $385,318 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages to be Paid by Washington State Blueberry Growers for FLSA Violations
02/03/2016 Company and CEO Ordered to Pay $1.3 Million to Employees' Retirement Fund and as Penalties for Prohibited Stock Transactions
02/02/2016 USCIS Reminds Employers About Complete Form I-9
02/01/2016 EEOC Proposes Revision to EEO-1 to Include Collecting Pay Data


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