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March, 2016


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OSHA Issues Final Rule to Improve Protections for Workers Exposed to Respirable Silica Dust
Nursery Ordered to Pay $143,384 to Domestic Employees Who Were Paid Less than Foreign Workers Under the H-2A Program
Supreme Court Affirms Ninth Circuit Court Decision Regarding Public Union Agency Fees
USCIS Publishes 30-Day Notice in Federal Register About Public Comments on Proposed Changes to Form I-9
$2.1 Million Settlement in Sex Discrimination Case Against Tire Retailer
DOL Issues New Rule Requiring Employers to Disclose Third-Party Consultants That Create Anti-Union Materials
H-2B Cap Reached for First Half of FY 2016
EEOC Launches Online Charge Status System
New California Regulations Effective April 1, 2016 on Discrimination and Harassment Policies, Procedures, Languages, Record-Keeping, Abusive Conduct and More!
OSHA New Reporting Requirement for Severe Work-Related Injury Shows Over 10,000 Such Injuries in 2015
NLRB Finds that Employer Violated NLRA With Its Prohibition of Recording by Employees
USCIS Will Begin Accepting H-1B Petitions Starting April 1, 2016
$300,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Case Against Store, Training Ordered
$225,768 in Back Wages and Damages for FLSA Violations by Engineering and Project Management Company
EEOC Releases Publication About Legal Rights in Workplace Under the ADA
$250,000 Settlement and Reinstatement in ADA Lawsuit Against Telecommunications Company
$138,474 in Back Wages and Penalties to be Paid by Cajun Food Market for Violations of FLSA
Medical Device Manufacturer to Pay $1,020,000 to Settle Age and Sex Discrimination Lawsuit
$500,000 Conciliation Agreement For Complaints Filed Pursuant to ADA
Department of Homeland Security Launches New Process for Employers Seeking to Hire Workers Through Employment-Based Visas
EEOC Issues Fact Sheet For Small Businesses to Understand Anti-Discrimination Laws
DOL Finds Ames, Iowa Hospitality Industry Employers Owe Nearly $100,000 in Back Wages for Violations
EEOC Files First Sex Discrimination Cases Based on Sexual Orientation
DOL Announces Proposed Rule to Implement Executive Order 13706


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