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May, 2016


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06/01/2016 $3.1 Million To Be Paid by Trucking Company for Unlawful Discriminatory Hiring Policy
05/31/2016 $189,000 in Unpaid Wages and Overtime to be Paid to Employees of Federally Funded Project
05/27/2016 A Total of $7.1 Million in Monetary Relief Has Been Restored to the ESOP of Drug Identification and Quantification Services Company
05/25/2016 $250,000 Settlement in Race and National Origin Harassment Suit Against Oilfield Service Company, Training Ordered
05/24/2016 $104,115 in Back Wages and Penalties to be Paid by Masonry Company for Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors
05/23/2016 $385,000 to be Paid by Federal Contractor for Failing to Pay Prevailing Wages
05/20/2016 USCIS Reaches Fiscal Year 2016 Cap for New H-2B Worker Petitions With Start Date Before October 1, 2016
05/18/2016 Department of Labor Announces Final Rule Updating Overtime Regulations
05/17/2016 EEOC Issues Final Rule About Wellness Programs Offered by Employers
05/16/2016 $8.6 Million Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case Against Lowe's, Training Ordered
05/13/2016 OSHA Finalizes Rule to Collect Injury Data
05/12/2016 $1.85 Million Settlement for Female Applicants of a Federal Food Service Contractor Which Systematically Discriminated Against Qualified Women
05/11/2016 EEOC Issues Document Addressing the Rights of Employees with Disabilities to Take Leave as an Accommodation
05/10/2016 EEOC Issues Fact Sheet About Bathroom Access Rights for Transgender Employees
05/09/2016 DOL Issues Revised FMLA Poster and Employer's Guide
05/06/2016 $140,000 to be Paid by Higher Education Technology Services Company for Discrimination Based on Transgender Status
05/05/2016 NLRB Finds Employer's Workplace Conduct Rules as Chilling Protected Activities
05/04/2016 $682,318 in Back Wages to be Paid by Foundation Repair Company for FLSA Violations
05/03/2016 $7,658,500 in Compensatory and Punitive Damages to be Paid by Farm Labor Contractor for Severe Civil Rights Violations


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