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July, 2016


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07/29/2016 EEOC Addresses Issues of Religious Discrimination
07/27/2016 $1,008,302 in Back Wages to be Paid by Employers of Capital Hill Workers Who Prepare and Serve Food
07/25/2016 Judge Orders Dried Fruit Processor to Pay $1,470,000 for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
07/21/2016 Louisiana Staffing Company to Pay $179,000 in Sex Discrimination Lawsuit
07/20/2016 Federal Rule To Protect Miners From Exposure to Dangerous Levels of Coal Mine Dust Has Positive Impact
07/19/2016 NLRB Determines that Employees in Bargaining Units Combining Solely and Jointly Employed Employees Do Not Require Employer Consent
07/18/2016 EEOC Offers Second Opportunity for Public to Submit Comments on Collection of Pay Data
07/15/2016 Federal Subcontractor to Pay $431,715 in Back Wages for Davis-Bacon Violations
07/14/2016 OSHA Extends Effective Date for Provision Relating to Reporting Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
07/13/2016 $1,433,618 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages to Be Paid by Staffing Agency and Employer for FLSA Violations
07/12/2016 Company Must Pay $105,000 for Firing Employee After She Filed Complaint With OSHA
07/11/2016 $439,030 in Back Wages and Damages to be Paid by WadeCo Specialties for Violating Overtime and Time Keeping Requirements
07/08/2016 $250,000 Settlement in Age and Sex Discrimination Case Against Casino, Training Ordered
07/07/2016 El Azteca Restaurants in Wisconsin to Pay $700,000 to Employees for Violations of FLSA
07/06/2016 Federal Contractor to Pay $492,000 in Back Pay to African-American Applicants and Will Discontinue Use of Its Selection Procedures Because It Was Found to be Discriminatory
07/05/2016 Department of Labor Announces Interim Final Rules Adjusting Penalties Based on Inflation
07/01/2016 EEOC Publishes Volume 3 of Digest of Equal Opportunity Law


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