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September, 2016


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09/30/2016 EEOC to Collect Summary Pay Data in EEO-1
09/29/2016 EEOC Publishes Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
09/28/2016 EEOC Opens New Online Resource Center for Small Businesses
09/27/2016 $567,954 in Back Wages and Penalties to be Paid by Restaurants for FLSA Violations
09/26/2016 21 States Sue Department of Labor Over New Overtime Rule
09/23/2016 Federal Court in Wisconsin Rules That Insurance Safe Harbor Provision in ADA Does Not Immunize Wellness Plan from ADA Scrutiny
09/22/2016 $1.4 Million Payout Ordered for Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Class Sexual Harassment Suit, Training Ordered
09/21/2016 DOL Extends Public Comment for Form 5500 Two Months
09/20/2016 Dollar General to Pay $277,565 in Back Pay and Compensatory Damages in Disability Discrimination Case
09/19/2016 $210,000 Settlement in Race Discrimination and Termination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/16/2016 OSHA Publishes Guidelines Regarding Settlements in Whistleblower Cases
09/15/2016 USCIS Encourages Employers With Returning Workers to Identify These Workers and Provide H-2B Returning Worker Certification
09/14/2016 OSHA Has Awarded $10.5 Million in Training Grants to Nonprofit Organizations
09/13/2016 National Labor Relations Board Decides Case Regarding Social Media Code of Conduct
09/12/2016 Dollar General Continues to Violate OSHA Provisions in Its Stores Nationwide
09/09/2016 $1.5 Million in Back Wages and Penalties for FLSA Violations by Energy Company
09/08/2016 Staffing Agencies to Pay $516,000 in Back Wages for Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors
09/07/2016 $165,000 Settlement in Associational Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/06/2016 $971,155 in Back Wages and Fringe Benefits to be Paid by Trucking Company for Not Paying Prevailing Wages
09/02/2016 $218,000 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for Violations of Overtime, Minimum Wage and Recordkeeping Requirements FLSA
09/01/2016 Minnesota Farm and Its Owner to Pay $576,707 for Violations of H-2A Visa Program


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