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February, 2017


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02/28/2017 $2 Million Judgment in FLSA Case Affirmed by Tenth Circuit
02/27/2017 Trump Administration Revokes Guidance on Transgender Student Rights in Schools
02/24/2017 $110,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Cellphone Repair Facility, Training Ordered
02/23/2017 Medical Services Provider Settles Disability Discrimination Lawsuit
02/22/2017 OSHA May Step Away from Allowing Union Representatives at OSHA Safety Inspections
02/21/2017 DOJ Withdraws Objections to Injunction Blocking Guidance Requiring Schools to Allow Transgender Students to Use Restrooms that Match Their Gender Identity
02/20/2017 USCIS Publishes Updated Handbook for Employers for Completing Form I-9
02/17/2017 Ninth Circuit Denies US DOJ Emergency Motion for Stay in Suspended Executive Order 13769
02/15/2017 OSHA's Form 300A Must be Posted Between February 1 and April 30
02/13/2017 USCIS Will Only Accept Current Forms After February 21
02/10/2017 President Issues Executive Memorandum Requiring DOL to Examine the Fiduciary Duty Rule
02/08/2017 $725,000 Settlement Against Precious Metals Dealer to Resolve Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
02/07/2017 USCIS Continues Adjudicating Applications in Light of the Restraining Order Placed Against the Executive Order Protecting the Nation
02/06/2017 EEOC Extends Period for Input on Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Unlawful Workplace Harassment
02/03/2017 USCIS Adopts New Rule About Retention of High-Skilled Workers
02/02/2017 DOT Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding the Drug Testing Program
02/01/2017 Executive Order Suspends Entry to U.S. From Designated Countries and Suspends Refugee Program


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