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February, 2017


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$2 Million Judgment in FLSA Case Affirmed by Tenth Circuit
Trump Administration Revokes Guidance on Transgender Student Rights in Schools
$110,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Cellphone Repair Facility, Training Ordered
Medical Services Provider Settles Disability Discrimination Lawsuit
OSHA May Step Away from Allowing Union Representatives at OSHA Safety Inspections
DOJ Withdraws Objections to Injunction Blocking Guidance Requiring Schools to Allow Transgender Students to Use Restrooms that Match Their Gender Identity
USCIS Publishes Updated Handbook for Employers for Completing Form I-9
Ninth Circuit Denies US DOJ Emergency Motion for Stay in Suspended Executive Order 13769
OSHA's Form 300A Must be Posted Between February 1 and April 30
USCIS Will Only Accept Current Forms After February 21
President Issues Executive Memorandum Requiring DOL to Examine the Fiduciary Duty Rule
$725,000 Settlement Against Precious Metals Dealer to Resolve Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
USCIS Continues Adjudicating Applications in Light of the Restraining Order Placed Against the Executive Order Protecting the Nation
EEOC Extends Period for Input on Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Unlawful Workplace Harassment
USCIS Adopts New Rule About Retention of High-Skilled Workers
DOT Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding the Drug Testing Program
Executive Order Suspends Entry to U.S. From Designated Countries and Suspends Refugee Program


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