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May, 2017


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06/01/2017 $1.5 Million Recovered for Chicago-Based Pension Plans
05/31/2017 New Fiduciary Rule Guidance from U.S. DOL
05/30/2017 $279,578 in Proposed Penalties by OSHA in Machine Hazards and Lead Case
05/26/2017 $726,989 Settlement in FLSA Overtime Case
05/25/2017 $100,000 Settlement in Pregnancy Bias Suit; Training Ordered
05/24/2017 $179,576 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit; Training Required
05/23/2017 NYC Independent Contractor Law
05/22/2017 California Passes New Workplace Violence Standards
05/19/2017 New York to Guarantee Paid Family Leave
05/18/2017 $1.6 Million Settlement by OFCCP in Hiring Bias Case
05/17/2017 OSHA Updates Its Guidance on Workplace Violence
05/16/2017 Second Circuit Affirms NLRB Ruling that Vulgar Language in Facebook Post Was Protected Under the NLRA
05/15/2017 Restrictions on Applications and New Hire Processes
05/12/2017 $31,000 Settlement for Potential HIPAA Violations When No Business Associate Agreement by Small Health Care Provider
05/11/2017 Second Circuit Rules One Racial Epithet May Be Enough To Create A Hostile Work Environment
05/10/2017 Ninth Circuit Rules Prior Salary May Support Differences in Compensation under the EPA
05/09/2017 OSHA Issues Memorandum that Union Representatives Who Are Not Recognized May Not Participate In Inspections
05/08/2017 $120,000 Settlement in Race-Based Harassment and Retaliation Suit
05/05/2017 $700,000 Seating Settlement in California
05/04/2017 California FEHC Issues New Rules on Employers' Use of Criminal History
05/03/2017 $175,000 to Resolve EEOC Racial Harassment Case; Training Ordered
05/02/2017 Union Election Ordered in Unit of Undergraduate Residential Advisors
05/01/2017 Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws are Trending in States Across the Country


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