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June, 2017


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07/05/2017 $50,000 to Settle National Origin Discrimination Suit; Training Required
07/03/2017 $3.4 Million Settlement in FLSA Overtime Case
06/30/2017 $420,000 Settlement in Executive Order 11246 Case
06/28/2017 $30,000 To Settle Religious Discrimination Lawsuit; Training Part of Settlement
06/27/2017 $60,000 Settlement in Age Bias Suit; Training Required
06/26/2017 Joint Employer and Independent Contractor Guidances Withdrawn
06/23/2017 Nevada Passes New Law Protecting Pregnant Employees
06/22/2017 California Supreme Court Decides What Day of Rest Means in California
06/21/2017 Oregon Passes Pay Equity Law
06/20/2017 Keep Required Background Check Disclosures Simple
06/19/2017 $145,402 And Increase Female Engineer s Salary To Settle EEOC Pay Bias Suit
06/16/2017 $118,483 Judgment for Pregnancy Discrimination
06/15/2017 $1 Million Settlement Resolves 24 Year-Old Discrimination Case
06/14/2017 $106,000 to Settle Disability Discrimination Suit; Training Ordered
06/13/2017 $1.9 Million to Settle Race Discrimination Suit; Training Required
06/12/2017 $475,000 To Settle National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit; Training Required
06/09/2017 South Carolina Passes Law Preventing Political Subdivisions from Requiring Employers to Provide Benefits
06/08/2017 Missouri Prohibits Local Governments from Establishing Minimum Wages Greater than State or Federal Governments
06/07/2017 Iowa Prohibits Counties and Municipalities from Conflicting with State and Federal Minimum Wage and Employee Benefits
06/06/2017 Indiana Prohibits "Ban the Box" Local Ordinances
06/05/2017 Arizona Amends the Arizonans with Disabilities Act
06/02/2017 $260,000 Damages in OSHA Whistleblower Case
06/01/2017 $1.5 Million Recovered for Chicago-Based Pension Plans


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