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August, 2017


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09/01/2017 $10.125 Million To Settle Race and Sex Harassment Case
08/31/2017 Split Among Federal Courts and Agencies on Title VII and Sexual Orientation
08/30/2017 $3,220,000 Settlement by Federal Contractor in Discrimination and Harassment Case
08/29/2017 NYC Salary History Ban Effective October 31
08/28/2017 State of Washington Enacts New Paid Family and Medical Leave Law
08/25/2017 Connecticut Federal Court Rules Federal Law Does Not Preempt Connecticut Medical Marijuana Law
08/24/2017 OSHA Revises Online Whistleblower Complaint Form
08/23/2017 $2 Million to Resolve Disability Discrimination Claims; Training Required
08/22/2017 VETS-4212 and EEO-1 May Share Data Collection Period
08/21/2017 No EEO-1 Report Due this Fall; Revised EEO-1 Due by March 31, 2018
08/18/2017 Clery Act Annual Security Report Due October 1
08/17/2017 Delaware Bans Salary Inquiries
08/16/2017 DOL Releases RFI on FLSA Overtime Rules
08/15/2017 New Jersey Gas Stations Settle FLSA Case for $463,453
08/14/2017 $147,000 Settlement of Immigration and Nationality Act Violations for Failing to Recruit and Hire American Workers
08/11/2017 $584,000 Settlement in FLSA Case
08/10/2017 $160,000 To Settle Racial Harassment Suit; Training Required
08/09/2017 $2.5 Million Whistleblower Award
08/08/2017 Final Rules Issued on New York's Paid Family Leave Law
08/07/2017 $10.5 Million Settlement in Hiring Discrimination Suit Against Bass Pro; Training Required
08/04/2017 $145,000 to Settle Class Disability Discrimination Case
08/03/2017 Connecticut Passes New Law Protecting Pregnant Employees
08/02/2017 Changes to Missouri's Human Rights Act Effective August 28, 2017
08/01/2017 $3 Million Jury Award When Supervisors Fail to Accommodate Allergies
07/10/2017 $10.5 Million Settlement in Hiring Discrimination Suit Against Bass Pro; Training Required


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