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October, 2017


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11/03/2017 $110,000 to Settle EEOC Pregnancy Lawsuit; Training Required
11/01/2017 California Passes New Laws on Training, Leave, Salary History Ban, Immigrant Protections
10/31/2017 Meat Processing Company Settles for $100,000 in Sex Harassment Case; Training Required
10/30/2017 Paint Manufacturer to Pay $45,250 to Settle Disability Bias Suit; Training Required
10/27/2017 Food Distribution Company Agrees to Pay $136,266 in Back Wages and Damages in Overtime and Child Labor Case
10/26/2017 $401,384 in Back Wages and Damages in Health Care Worker Overtime Case
10/25/2017 $1,480, 268 in Back Wages in Overtime Case
10/24/2017 Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty to Impeding Wage Investigation
10/23/2017 $197,917 Plus Liquidated Damages Settlement in FLSA Case
10/20/2017 $2 Million Settlement in Minimum Wage Case
10/19/2017 New York Governor Expands Sick Leave Benefits for Public Sector Employees Involved in 9/11 Rescue and Recovery
10/18/2017 Hawaii Passes New Laws on Enforcement of Wage Laws and Family Leave
10/17/2017 NYC Guidance on Salary History Inquiries Law
10/16/2017 Recycler Reaches Agreement with OSHA on Hazardous Exposures
10/13/2017 Sex Bias Suit Settled in Gender Identity Case; Training Part of Settlement
10/12/2017 EEOC Develops New On-Site In-Person Training Program on Respect in the Workplace
10/11/2017 New Digest of EEO Law
10/10/2017 President Trump Nominates New NLRB General Counsel; Majority of NLRB Has Now Changed
10/09/2017 $285,000 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages to 82 Employees for Overtime Violations
10/06/2017 New Research and App to Combat Child Labor and Modern Slavery
10/05/2017 Health Care Company Settles Overtime Violations
10/04/2017 Staffing Company Ordered to Pay $165,000 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages
10/03/2017 Back Wages, Liquidated Damages and Civil Penalties Settlement in Overtime Case
10/02/2017 $90,000 Settlement in FLSA Case
10/01/2017 $165,379 Settlement in Overtime Case


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