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March, 2018


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04/02/2018 Sixth Circuit Rules Title VII Covers Transgender Discrimination
03/30/2018 EEO-1 Due March 31
03/29/2018 New PAID Program Announced by DOL to Help Resolve Potential FLSA Issues
03/28/2018 Federal Circuit Courts Split on Whether Title VII Protects Sexual Orientation Bias
03/27/2018 Restaurant Franchisee Pays $258,249 to Settle Child Labor Case
03/26/2018 Restaurant to Pay #112,212 in Back Wages to Settle FLSA Case
03/23/2018 Fruit and Vegetable Markets to Pay $135,657 to Settle FLSA Case
03/22/2018 Professional Endodontics to Pay $47,000 to Settle Age Discrimination Suit; Training Required
03/21/2018 IT Staffing Company Pays $50,000 To Settle Age Discrimination Suit
03/20/2018 Florida Landscaper to Pay $79,758 in Overtime and Recordkeeping Case
03/19/2018 $181,663 in Back Wages for Elder Care Workers in Florida
03/16/2018 Communications Company to Pay $126,264 to Settle FLSA Case
03/15/2018 IT Staffing Company to Pay $50,000 to Settle Age Bias Suit; Training Required
03/14/2018 Restaurant Owner to Pay $97,080 in Back Wages Plus Liquidated Damages in FLSA Case
03/13/2018 Staffing Company to Pay $50,000 to Settle Age Bias Suit
03/12/2018 $175,000 Settlement in OSHA Case; Training Required
03/09/2018 $194,275 Settlement in FLSA Case
03/08/2018 Settlement by Bakery for $94,167 for Back Wages and Penalties
03/07/2018 Residential Care Facilities Settle FLSA Case for $173,539
03/06/2018 City of Austin, Texas Passes Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
03/05/2018 Restaurants to Pay $259,909 in FLSA Case; Training Required
03/02/2018 Concrete Company to Pay $179,314 in Overtime and Recordkeeping Case
03/01/2018 Pallet Company to Pay $289,215 for Overtime Violations


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