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October, 2018


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11/01/2018 Manufacturer to Pay $338,151 in Overtime and Damages
10/31/2018 Cleaning Company Will Pay $170,000 in Race Bias Suit; Training Required
10/30/2018 County Will Pay $115,000 in Equal Pay Suit
10/29/2018 Health Care Facilities to Pay $465,000 in Pregnancy and Disability Case; Training Required
10/26/2018 Restaurant to Pay $190,000 in Minimum Wage and Overtime Case
10/25/2018 Up to $62,000 to Settle GINA Case
10/24/2018 Contractor to Pay $25,000 to Settle Race Bias Suit; Training Required
10/23/2018 Food Distributors to Pay $3.6 Million And Offer 150 Jobs To Settle Class Sex Discrimination Lawsuit
10/22/2018 Restaurants to Pay $160,000 to Settle Sex Harassment and Retaliation Suit; Training Required
10/19/2018 Security Services Company to Pay $79,000 to Resolve Wage Case
10/18/2018 Federal Contractor to Pay $599,989 to Settle Alleged Hiring Discrimination Case
10/17/2018 $161,126 to Resolve Alleged Pay Discrimination Case
10/16/2018 E-Verify Federal Contractor Webinar
10/15/2018 $110,000 to Settle Disability Lawsuit; Training Required
10/12/2018 Restaurant to Pay $240,000 in Back Wages, Damages and Penalties in FLSA Case
10/11/2018 Care Facility to Pay$385,000 in Back Wages, Damages and Penalties
10/10/2018 EEOC Releases Preliminary FY 2018 Sexual Harassment Data
10/09/2018 California Department of Human Resources to Pay $300,000 To Settle Disability Bias Charges
10/08/2018 $429,005 Recovered in Overtime Case
10/05/2018 $10,095 Paid in FMLA Case
10/04/2018 Police Department Pays $56,681 in Overtime and Recordkeeping Case
10/03/2018 Car Repair Center to Pay $67,462 in FLSA Case
10/02/2018 Staffing Company to Pay $355,478 to Resolve Wage Violations
10/01/2018 Restaurant to Pay $220,000 to Settle Sexual and Age Based Harassment Claims


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