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Q1 2020


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03/31/2020 The Department of Justice Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Owners and Managers of Rental Properties in Russellville, Kentucky
03/31/2020 NLRB Finalizes Rulemaking to Protect Employee Free Choice
03/30/2020 North Carolina Nail Salon Owner Charged with Forced Labor of an Employee
03/29/2020 COVID-19: Servicemembers??? Civil Rights - Message from the Assistant Attorney General
03/24/2020 Board Delays Implementation of Modifications to Representation Case Procedures
03/23/2020 The Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest in Title IX Womens' Equal Opportunities Case
03/23/2020 Updates on Temporary NLRB Office Closures
03/23/2020 Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Richmond County Sheriff s Office
03/22/2020 Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Richmond County Sheriff???s Office Resolving the Military Employment Discrimination Claim of an Active Duty Servicemember and Requiring Development of a USERRA Policy
03/20/2020 Updates on NLRB Office Closures
03/19/2020 National Labor Relations Board Suspends Representation Elections Through April 3, 2020
03/18/2020 Justice Department Settles Claim Against Maryland Construction Firm for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers
03/16/2020 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Disability-Based Discrimination in North Dakota Housing
03/12/2020 Three Muncie Police Officers Indicted for Using Excessive Force and Attempting to Cover It Up
03/11/2020 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Philadelphia Condo Association for Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities
03/11/2020 Former Prisoner Transport Officer Convicted of Sexual Assault of Two Woman in His Custody and Possessing a Firearm in Furtherance of His Sexual Assault
03/09/2020 Hudson County Woman Sentenced to 70 Months in Prison for Enslaving Sri Lankan Woman for Over Nine Years
03/09/2020 Biddeford, Maine Man Convicted of Hate Crime Assaults
03/04/2020 Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Alleging Disability-Based Discrimination by Developer and Franchisor of 32 Condominium Properties in Ohio
03/02/2020 Houston Bus Company Distributes More Than $90,000 to U.S. Workers Under Department of Justice Settlement
02/27/2020 Justice Department Settles Disability-Based Housing Discrimination Lawsuits with Owners and Developers of 11 Apartment Complexes in Puerto Rico
02/27/2020 Justice Department Settles with Tufts Medical Center to Better Ensure Equal Access for Individuals with Disabilities
02/26/2020 Justice Department Sues Caroline County, Virginia Commissioner of the Revenue for Disability Discrimination
02/26/2020 Kentucky Correctional Officers Sentenced for Beating Handcuffed Detainee and Attempting to Cover Up the Assault
02/26/2020 Former Prisoner Transport Officer Charged for Abusing Detainees in His Care and Threatening Them with Retaliation if They Reported His Abuse
02/26/2020 Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest Defending Photographer on Free Speech Claim
02/17/2020 Justice Department Settles with Staffing Company to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
01/29/2020 DOJ Settles Lawsuit Against the South Dakota Department of Social Services
01/28/2020 Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Against the South Dakota Department of Social Services Alleging Intentional Race Discrimination Against Native American Job Applicants at the Pine Ridge Reservation
01/07/2020 DOJ Announces Settlement with Walmart Over Discrimination Claim
01/06/2020 Justice Department Announces Settlement with Walmart Over Discrimination Claim by Naval Reservist


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