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Q4 2020


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03/16/2021 Awning Manufacturer Would Not Hire Applicant Because She Is Deaf
03/16/2021 Company Fired Employee After Learning About Her Disability
03/16/2021 Frito-Lay Settles EEOC Religious Discrimination Lawsuit
03/16/2021 Security Company Discharged a Uniformed Security Guard in Baton Rouge Due to Her Pregnancy
03/10/2021 Employees Subjected to Religious Discrimination and Retaliation
03/09/2021 Justice Department Settles Claims Against Toms River, New Jersey Over Zoning Code That Restricts Houses of Worship
03/05/2021 Despite Arrest at Work, Restaurant Manager Continued to Target Young Women
03/01/2021 Justice Department Settles Title VII Lawsuit Against Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, Alleging Intentional Discrimination Based on Race
03/01/2021 Charleston County School District Agrees to Provide Language Access for Limited English Proficient Parents
02/25/2021 Southern Colorado Man Sentenced to More Than 19 Years for Plotting to Blow Up Synagogue
12/29/2020 Justice Department Secures Relief for U.S. Army National Guard Reservist on Employment Discrimination Claim Against Luxury Jeweler Harry Winston
12/13/2020 Remarks by Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband on the Announcement of Olmstead Settlement with the State of North Dakota
12/13/2020 Justice Department Reaches Major Olmstead Settlement Agreement with North Dakota
12/07/2020 Justice Department Settles Claim Against Texas IT Company for Using Job Advertisements that Discriminated Against and Deterred U.S. Workers in Favor of Temporary Visa Holders
12/06/2020 Justice Department Sues Town of Wolcott, Connecticut, for Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities
12/02/2020 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Facebook for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers
12/01/2020 Remarks of Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband on the Announcement of the Settlement with Amtrak
12/01/2020 Justice Department Settles with Amtrak to Resolve Disability Discrimination Across its Intercity Rail System
11/29/2020 Statement by Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband on World AIDS Day
11/18/2020 Justice Department Reaches Landmark Agreement with Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to Address Discrimination Against Parents with Disabilities
11/15/2020 Justice Department Settles with the Commissioner of the Revenue for Caroline County, Virginia to Resolve Disability Discrimination Complaint
11/15/2020 Justice Department Settles with School Board to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
11/11/2020 Justice Department Settles with Transportation and Logistics Company to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims
11/09/2020 Justice Department Settles with a Car Rental Services Company to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination
11/09/2020 NLRB Establishes Standards for Mail-and Manual-Ballot Representation Elections During the COVID-19 Pandemic
11/03/2020 Justice Department Announces Two Million Dollar Settlement of Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against Baltimore County, Maryland
11/01/2020 Justice Department Again to Monitor Compliance with the Federal Voting Rights Laws on Election Day
10/30/2020 NLRB Unveils Enhanced Public Website
10/30/2020 NLRB Closes Out FY 2020 With Favorable Case Processing Results
10/25/2020 Justice Department Settles Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Securing $342,500 for Two Female Firefighters and Changes to the Houston Fire Department's Training Practices
10/05/2020 Justice Department Settles Citizenship-Status Discrimination Against South Carolina Security Guard Firm Involving Former Interpreter for the U.S. Military in Iraq
10/04/2020 Justice Department Settles with Minnesota-Based Company to Resolve Discrimination Claims Under the Immigration and Nationality Act


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