EEO Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


  1. Q. How can I confirm my company's 2003 Password and Company Number?
    A. If you cannot locate the 2003 'Company Name and Address' sheet that included your Company Number and Password, please contact the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee at 1-866-286-6440 (Toll Free), 202-663-7184 (TTY), 202-663-7185 (Fax), or email: [email protected].

  2. Q. Who is required to file the EEO-1 report?
    A. (1) All employers with 100 or more employees; or

    (2) All federal government contractors and first-tier subcontractors with 50 or more employees and a contract amounting to $50,000 or more.

  3. Q. What is the distribution for EEO-1 report copies?
    The EEO-1 form is a single-copy form. Mail the signed, original report to the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee. Retain a copy of the EEO-1 report for your files.

  4. Q. What is a company's EEO-1 identification number?
    A. The number printed on 'Company Name and Address' sheet or the EEO-1 form as CO=XXXXXXX is the unique identification number assigned to your company. The number indicated in a company's database located in the EEO-1 Online FilingSystem or printed on an EEO-1 form as U=XXXXXXX is the unique identification number for a company establishment. The Unit Number never changes for an establishment. Company Number and Unit Number are used together to identify an establishment within a company.

  5. Q. My company merged with another entity. How should I complete the EEO-1 report?
    A. Please contact the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee and provide the name and address of the new parent company.

  6. Q. Does the EEO-1 report require data about job applicants?
    A. No. The EEO-1 report only requires employment data by race/ethnic, gender and job categories.

  7. Q. For the paper EEO-1 form, computer printouts and EEO-1 data on magnetic media, what general quick check can be made for accuracy of reported employment?
    A. Single-establishment companies - The sum on Line 10, Column A, Section D - Employment Data, must equal the sum of Line 10 for Columns B-K.

    Multi-establishment companies - The total sums indicated on the Headquarters Report, Establishment Report(s), and/or Establishment List (locations employing fewer than 50 employees) must equal the employment sums indicated on the Consolidated Report or EEOC Form 352B.

  8. Q. Are first-level supervisors, i.e. supervisors of typing pools, maintenance crews, etc., classified as 'Officials and Managers"?
    A. No. First level supervisors, as described above, must be classified along with those employees under their supervision.

  9. Q. How can I obtain EEOC-approved specifications for EEO-1 alternate reporting formats, i.e., computer printouts, magnetic media (on CD or diskette only); a sample copy of the EEO-1 form, instructions, and the "EEO-1 Job Classification Guide"?
    A. You may print each of the above named documents from the following website: .

  10. Q. Can I use employment data from any payroll period during the current survey year?
    A. No. Employment data must be used from one (1) payroll period during the third quarter (July, August or September) of the current survey year.
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