OSHA Establishes Enforcement Procedures for Investigating and Workplace Violence Incidents

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued its first general policy guidance and procedures for field office with respect to conducting inspections in response to incidents of workplace violence.

This instruction establishes OSHA general enforcement polices and procedures for field offices to apply when conducting inspections related to workplace violence. The instruction highlights the steps that should be taken in reviewing incidents of workplace violence when considering whether to initiate an inspection in industries that OSHA has identified as susceptible to this hazard. The instruction is meant to provide guidance on both how an OSHA workplace violence case is developed and which steps Area Offices should take to assist employers in addressing the issue of workplace violence.

This is the first instruction on the enforcement procedures for investigations and inspections that occur as a result of workplace violence incident(s) and specifically at worksites in industries that OSHA has identified as susceptible to workplace violence. The types of industries that OSHA has included are those dealing with healthcare and social service settings and retail settings. It clarifies and expands the Agency’s policies and procedures in this area.

The guidelines can be found at http://www.osha.gov/OshDoc/Directive_pdf/CPL_02-01-052.pdf .

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