Alaska Employment Discrimination Law - 18.80.112. Dismissal of Complaint Without Prejudice

Friday, December 5, 2008

AS 18.80.112. Dismissal of complaint without prejudice.

(a) If an investigation of a complaint under AS 18.80.110 fails to discover substantial evidence of an unlawful discriminatory practice under this chapter, the executive director shall issue an order dismissing the complaint without prejudice.

(b) At any time before the issuance of an accusation under AS 18.80.120, the executive director may dismiss without prejudice a complaint if the executive director determines that

(1) the complainant's objection to a proposed agreement under AS 18.80.110 is unreasonable;

(2) the complainant is unavailable or unwilling to participate in a hearing;

(3) relief is precluded by the absence of the person alleged to have engaged in the discriminatory practice;

(4) the person aggrieved by the discriminatory practice has initiated or has notified in writing the commission of the intent to initiate an action or proceeding in another forum based on the same facts;

(5) a hearing will not represent the best use of commission resources;

(6) a hearing will not advance the purposes stated in AS 18.80.200; or

(7) the probability of success of the complaint on the merits is low.

(c) The commission, in its discretion, may, but is not required to, review the executive director's order of dismissal under (a) or (b) of this section and may affirm the order, remand the complaint for further investigation, or, if the commission concludes that substantial evidence supports the complaint of an unlawful discriminatory practice, refer the complaint for conference, conciliation, and persuasion as provided in AS 18.80.110, or for hearing.

(d) Dismissal under this section does not prevent a complainant from

(1) initiating an action or proceeding in another forum; or

(2) filing a new complaint under AS 18.80.100 that resolves the grounds for the dismissal under this section.

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