Alaska Family and Medical Leave Law - 39.20.310. State Employees: Exceptions to Leave Laws

Friday, December 5, 2008

AS 39.20.310. Exceptions.
AS 39.20.200 - 39.20.330 do not apply to

(1) members of the state legislature, the governor, the lieutenant governor, and justices and judges of the supreme and superior courts and of the court of appeals, but nothing in AS 39.20.200 - 39.20.330 may be construed to diminish the salaries fixed by law for these officers by reason of absence from duty on account of illness or otherwise;

(2) magistrates serving the state on less than a full-time basis;

(3) officers, members of the teaching staff, and employees of the University of Alaska;

(4) [Repealed by Sec. 76 ch 59 SLA 1982].

(5) persons employed in a professional capacity to make a temporary and special inquiry, study, or examination as authorized by the governor, the legislature, or a legislative committee;

(6) members of boards, commissions, and authorities who are not otherwise employed by the state;

(7) temporary employees hired for periods of less than 12 consecutive months;

(8) persons employed by the division of marine transportation as masters and members of the crews operating the state ferry system who are covered by collective bargaining agreements as provided in AS 23.40.040, except as expressly provided by law;

(9) persons employed by the state who are covered by collective bargaining agreements as provided in AS 23.40.210 , except as expressly provided by law.

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