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March 2009


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Star Tribune Company to Pay Over $300,000 for Alleged Sexual Harassment
$4.3 Million Court Approved Settlement in National Origin Bias Case
United Airlines Settles Disability Bias Case for $850,000
Senior Community Service Employment Program Grantees to Receive More than $118 Million Under Recovery Act
Veteran to Receive $118,000 in Back Pay, Damages
Model Notices Released for COBRA Subsidy Under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
N-M Ventures to Pay $457,500 to Settle Race Bias Suit
More on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
Guidance Issued by DOL for Employment and Training Programs Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Employee Free Choice Act Would Eliminate Secret-Ballot Union Certification Election and More
Wheeler Construction to Pay $325,000 to Settle National Origin and Harassment Suit
Basic Energy Services to Pay $250,000 to Settle Sex Bias Suit
OSHA Cites Automotive Parts Supplier with $135,000 in Proposed Penalties
$300,000 Settlement With Memphis Pension Consultants
$50,000 Settlement by Advance Auto Parts in Disability Bias Case
$60,000 Settlement in Race Bias Suit in New Jersey - Shopper's Vineyard, a wine and liquor store in Clifton, N.J., agreed to pay $60,000 and provide substantial injunctive...
Horse Farm to Pay $180,000 to Settle EEOC Sex Harassment and Retaliation Suit
Athletic Club to Pay $161,000 to Settle Sex Harassment Suit
HIPAA Health Data Privacy and Security Regulations Significantly Broadened by Stimulus Package
Restrictions on TARP Recipients for H-1B Purposes
Court Finds That Employer's Failure to Research FMLA Grounds for Lack of Good Faith
USCIS Delays Rule Changing I-9


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