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January, 2010


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02/01/2010 Over $1 Million in Overtime Back Wages for 798 Workers at Pilgrim's Pride
01/29/2010 IRS to Audit 6,000 Companies in National Research Program Initiative to Test Employment Tax Compliance
01/28/2010 $428,500 Decree Ends Suit Against Eagle Wings for Sexual Harassment, Retaliation and Disability Bias
01/27/2010 Memphis Goodwill Agrees to Pay $105,000 to Settle EEOC Race Bias and Retaliation Lawsuit
01/26/2010 Fire Department Settles EEOC Age Discrimination Suit for $237,000
01/25/2010 Georgia Car Dealership to Pay $140,000 for Racial Harassment of Black Manager
01/22/2010 EXECUTIVE ORDER 13496: Are You Prepared to Post a Federal Notice Encouraging Your Employees to Organize?
01/21/2010 How Employers Are Reimbursed as a Result of COBRA Subsidy
01/20/2010 Model Notices for COBRA Continuation Coverage
01/19/2010 West Texas Cap Maker Settles EEOC Sexual Harassment Suit - Co-Owner Pulled Employee s Pants Down in Front of Co-Workers, Federal Agency Charged
01/18/2010 Recent Amendments to COBRA Subsidy by Employers for Employees
01/15/2010 DOL to Recover $1.8 Million in Back Wages for 500 Employees of Trucking Company and Debars Them for Three Years from Government Contracts
01/14/2010 Sims Chevrolet To Pay $85,000 To Settle EEOC Suit For Racial Discrimination And Retaliation
01/12/2010 Washington State Now Has "Everything but Marriage" Law; Five States Now Include Same-Sex Unions Within the Definition of Marriage
01/11/2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics On December and 2009 Employment Statistics
01/10/2010 Saks Fifth Avenue Settles Disability Bias Suit for $170,000
01/08/2010 OSHA Proposes More than $1.4 Million in Penalties in Connection with Fatal Explosion in Houston
01/07/2010 Ralph Schomp Automotive Agrees To Pay $1.5 Million To Settle EEOC Sex And Age Bias Lawsuit
01/06/2010 Race, LLC / Studsvik to Pay $650,000 to Settle Racial Harassment & Retaliation Suit
01/05/2010 Vanguard Group to Pay $300,000 to Settle Suit Alleging Racial Bias in Hiring
01/04/2010 OSHA Cites Walt Disney World Following Death of Monorail Driver and a Stage Actor at Theme Park


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