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February, 2010


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02/26/2010 EEOC Solicits Comments on Proposed Rule Concerning Reasonable Factors Other than Age Under the ADEA
02/25/2010 Court Awards Employer $4.5 Million in Fees Against EEOC in Harassment Suit
02/24/2010 DOL Seeks Nearly $1.9 Million in Back Wages and Penalties from Newark, NJ, Computer Consulting Company
02/23/2010 Western Slope Sand & Gravel Company Pays Nearly Half Million to Settle EEOC Sex Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit
02/22/2010 DOL Seeks $1.9 Million in Back Wages from Computer Consulting Firm and Debarment
02/19/2010 UPS Freight to Pay $46,000 to Settle Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Concerning Rastafarian Religious Beliefs
02/18/2010 Big Lots to Pay $400,000 for Alleged Race Harassment
02/17/2010 OSHA Cites C.A. Franc $539,000 for Willful Fall Hazard Violations
02/16/2010 $1 Million in Overtime for 154 Hurricane Katrina Workers
02/15/2010 Court Approves $6.2 Million Distribution in Sears Disability Settlement
02/12/2010 Astea International Will Pay $175,000 to Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuit
02/11/2010 Landwin Management to Pay $500,000 for National Origin Bias and Sexual Harassment
02/10/2010 January Employment Report
02/09/2010 ALJ Finds Bank of America Discriminated Against African-American Job Applicants
02/08/2010 EEOC Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
02/05/2010 Jackson Lewis: How to Stay Union Free 2010 Series
02/04/2010 Astea International Will Pay $175,000 to Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuit
02/03/2010 University of Puerto Rico Settles Class Age Discrimination Case Arising From Alleged Unfair Pension System
02/02/2010 Boeing Settles Two Sex Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuits for $380,000
02/01/2010 Over $1 Million in Overtime Back Wages for 798 Workers at Pilgrim's Pride


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