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October, 2010


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11/01/2010 GlaxoSmithKline to Plead Guilty and Pay $750 Million to Resolve Criminal and Civil Liability Regarding Manufacturing Deficiencies at Puerto Rico Plant -- Includes Whistleblower Claim
10/29/2010 New Service Will Guide Employers on How to Hire Veterans
10/28/2010 DOL Approves Standards for Training Workers in Long-Term Care Sector of Health Care
10/27/2010 OSHA Fines New Hampshire Gun Powder Manufacturer $1.2 Million
10/26/2010 U.S. DOL and AICPA Sponsor Website Highlighting Small Business Retirement Solution
10/25/2010 $560,000 Settlement with Tyson Refrigerated Processed Meats in Hiring Bias Case
10/22/2010 McDonald's USA To Pay $50,000 To Settle Sex Harassment Suit
10/21/2010 The Redwoods In Yosemite To Pay $165,000 For Alleged Harassment And Discrimination Against Latinos
10/20/2010 EEOC Public Meeting Explores the Use of Credit Histories as Employee Selection Criteria
10/19/2010 MSHA issues more than 550 violations during September impact inspections
10/15/2010 Austin Foam Plastics Pays $600,000 To SettleHarassment Suit
10/14/2010 Planet Ford Owners To Pay $160,000 To Settle Discrimination Suit
10/13/2010 $485,000 in Damages in Failure to Pay Overtime and Minimum Wage Case
10/12/2010 What do you think of this: US Department of Labor announces competitive solicitation for $4 million in grants to combat child labor in Jordan
10/11/2010 Papermoon Strip Club to Pay $95,000 to Settle Race Discrimination Lawsuit
10/08/2010 September Employment Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
10/07/2010 $495,000 Settlement with Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated
10/06/2010 Bardon, Inc. / Aggregate Industries to Pay $325,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment/Retaliation Suit
10/05/2010 Orlando Magazine Distributor to Pay $162,400 to Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
10/04/2010 Republic Services to Pay Nearly $3 Million for Firing Older Workers Because of Age
10/01/2010 Law Suits Filed by EEOC Against Employers in the Past Week: We Need Your Feedback!


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