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January, 2011


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02/01/2011 EEOC Reports Job Bias Charges Hit Record High of Nearly 100,000 in Fiscal Year 2010; Also Hits Record High in Monies Recovered from Employers
01/31/2011 Jackson Lewis Submits Brief Urging NLRB to Limit Union Access to Employer Property
01/28/2011 Supreme Court Confirms that EEOC May Address Cases Concerning Anti-Retaliation Provision of Title VII, Even if Person Had Not Filed the Charge
01/27/2011 NLRB Advises Attorneys General in Four States that Secret-Ballot Amendments are Preempted by Federal Labor Law
01/26/2011 Georgia Military College Sued by EEOC for Race Discrimination
01/25/2011 2 Illinois Grain Elevators Cited After Deaths of 3 Workers, Including 2 Teenagers
01/24/2011 $420,000 in Back Wages from Super China Buffet
01/21/2011 Verdict of $1,260,080 in Sex Harassment Suit Against Paul's Big M
01/20/2011 EZ Trip Settles EEOC Age Bias Suit for Refusal to Hire Qualified Older Job Applicants
01/19/2011 $1 Million in Overtime Wages for Employees of Army Contractor
01/18/2011 "Cover Girls" Settles Age Bias Suit
01/14/2011 DOL Recovers Over $1 Million in Overtime Wages from Army Contractor
01/13/2011 $1.3 Million in Back Wages from TSA Contractor
01/12/2011 City Of Greensboro To Pay $91,000 To Settle Age Bias Lawsuit
01/11/2011 Measurement Incorporated Pays $110,000 To Settle Religious Discrimination Lawsuit
01/07/2011 Unemployment at 9.4% in December
01/06/2011 Supervalu / Jewel-Osco to Pay $3.2 Million under Consent Decree for Disability Bias
01/05/2011 Taxpayer Advocate on Compliance Burdens and Tax Reform
01/04/2011 $58,000 Fine Against NJ Construction Company
01/03/2011 Subway Restaurant Operator to Pay $55,000 to Resolve Sex Harassment Claim


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