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May, 2011


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$1,149,702 in Back Wages and Damages to be Paid By Mexican Restaurants in Decatur Illinois for Willful violations of the FLSA
$535,000 Settlement in EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Suit, Training Ordered
$188,000 Settlement Against Hyundai Ideal Electric Company for Sex Bias and Retaliation, Training Ordered
$1,247,400 in Fines Issued to AMD Industries for Exposing Workers to Asbestos Hazards Without Protection
US Citizenship and Immigration Services Unveiled I-9 Central on Its Website
Wage and Hour Division Issues Revised FLSA Regulations With Amendments Relating to "Tipped Employees" and Overtime Regulations
$150,000 Settlement by Fisher Nut Company in EEOC Retaliation Case, Training Ordered
$193,000 in Back Wages to Be Paid By Natural Stone Quarry for Failure to Pay Overtime
$54,000 to be Paid in Back Wages by Tampa Restaurant
$241,000 in Back Wages for 22 Construction Workers for Misclassification and Denial of Proper Compensation
$146,000 in Back Wages to 140 Workers With Disabilities for Failure to Pay Special Minimum Wage Rates
$245,500 in Back Wages to Twelve Restaurant Workers for Failure to Pay Minimum Wage and Overtime Compensation
$243,000 to be Restored to Two Pension Plans by Wall Street Capitol and Its President
$114,000 in Back Wages to Employees of Kentucky Restaurant Group
$120,000 Settlement in Gender and Disability Discrimination Suit, Training Ordered
$87,500 Settlement for Retaliation Case, Training Ordered
$60,000 Settlement in Racial Harassment and Retaliation Suit, Training Ordered
$10,000 Settlement in Pregnancy Discrimination Suit, Training Ordered
$110,000 to be Paid by Chubb Insurance for Discrimination Against Hmong Employee, Training Ordered
$300,000 Settlement Against Dave's Supermarket in Cleveland for Sexual Harassment, Training Ordered
$195,000 Settlement Against Chicago Area Hilton In National Origin Harassment Suit, Training Ordered
$2.9 Million in Back Wages to Contract Employees of Stanley Associates and Several Subcontractors
$487,000 in Fines Against Parker Hannifin in Mississippi for Safety and Health Violations
$1.76 Million Judgment Against Henry's Turkey Service for Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for Violating Minimum Wage and Overtime Provisions
$182,000 Proposed Fine for Employer that Exposed Workers to Potential Fires and Explosions
$100,000 in Back Pay For 33 Communications Workers Paid By Joint Employer When Other Employer Bankrupt
$150,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against Oregon Tree Farm, Training Ordered
$79,000 Settlement in Sex Harassment and Retaliation Case, Training Ordered
$181,000 in Overtime Back Wages to be Paid to Pizzeria Employees
$160,000 Settlement in Racial Harassment Lawsuit Against Sheet Metal Company, Training Ordered
$22,000 Settlement Against Long-Term Care Facility in Retaliation Law Suit
Restaurant Settles EEOC Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
Increased Exposures to FCPA Liability - Training Important


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