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July, 2011


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07/29/2011 $75,000 Settlement in Sex Based Retaliation Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/28/2011 $335,000 Settlement in Age Discrimination Lawsuit Against Property Management Corporation
07/27/2011 $830,000 in Overtime Backwages by Pipeline Transportation and Energy Storage Company
07/26/2011 $354,000 in Fines Against Massachusetts Contractor for Cave-in Hazards
07/25/2011 $1 Million Settlement in Age Discrimination Lawsuit Against Cavalier Telephone, Training Ordered
07/22/2011 $900,000 Settlement in Sex Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/21/2011 $105,000 in Overtime Back Wages Recovered for Hurricane Cleanup Workers
07/20/2011 $230,000 Settlement Against Bell Company for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, Training Ordered
07/19/2011 $80,000 Settlement in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/18/2011 NLRB Proposes Election Procedure Amendments
07/15/2011 $20 Million Settlement by Verizon in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/14/2011 $140,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Terminix and ServiceMaster, Training Ordered
07/13/2011 $65,000 Penalty to City of Boone in Resolution of Age Discrimination Suit, Training Ordered
07/12/2011 $1.3 Million To Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
07/11/2011 Experts Tell EEOC that Disparate Treatment in Hiring Remains Problem
07/08/2011 $4.2 Million in Back Wages for Violations of H-1B Temporary Foreign Worker Program
07/07/2011 $1,520,705 in Overtime Back Wages to be Paid By Farmers Insurance Inc.
07/06/2011 $160,000 Settlement in Discrimination Suit Against Target, Training Ordered
07/05/2011 $50,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Case Against Dollar General, Training Ordered
07/01/2011 Supreme Court Decision in Wal-Mart v Dukes


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