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August, 2011


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09/06/2011 $1 Million in Damages to be Paid by Applebee's Owners for Sexual Harassment, Training Ordered
09/01/2011 $30,000 Settlement in Religious Discrimination Case, Training Ordered
08/31/2011 $86,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Training Ordered
08/30/2011 $385,000 Agreement Reached in Race Discrimination Suit Against Briggs Equipment, Training Ordered
08/29/2011 $125,000 Settlement in Sex Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
08/26/2011 NLRB Issues Final Rule Requiring Employers to Notify Employees of Their Rights Under the NLRA
08/26/2011 $934,425 in Back Wages and Damages for Violations of the Fair Labor Standard Act
08/25/2011 $215,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
08/24/2011 $3 Million Settlement by 3M to Settle Age Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
08/23/2011 $145,000 in Back Wages to Workers in Japanese Restaurant Group
08/22/2011 $6 Million Settlement for New United Motors & Manufacturing, Inc. Employees Protected by ADA
08/19/2011 $51,000 in Back Wages and Penalties Ordered Against Red Lobster in Lubbock, Texas
08/18/2011 Spanish Language Version of E-Verify Self Check Launched by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
08/17/2011 $210,000 Settlement in Race and National Origin Harassment Lawsuit Against NYU
08/16/2011 $35,000 Decree in Disability Discrimination Suit, Training Ordered
08/15/2011 VETS100-100A Federal Contract Reporting System for 2011 Forms Not Currently Working, Reports to be Filed When System Goes Online
08/12/2011 $905,825 Judgment Against Mine Operator for Flagrant Violations
08/11/2011 $83,000 in Back Overtime Wages for Credit Union Employees
08/10/2011 $50,000 Settlement in Age Bias and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
08/09/2011 $120,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Pepsi, Training Ordered
08/08/2011 $160,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Packaging Manufacturer, Training Ordered
08/05/2011 $75,000 Settlement in Lawsuit Against Analytic Stress Relieving Inc to Resolve Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, Training Ordered
08/04/2011 $100,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Training Ordered
08/03/2011 $540,000 Settlement in Discrimination Case Against Alcoa Mill Products, Training Ordered
08/01/2011 $225,000 Settlement in Sex Discrimination and Harassment Lawsuit Against Plastics Company


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