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September, 2011


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10/04/2011 $175,000 Settlement Against Monarch Dental for Sexual Harassment, Training Ordered
10/03/2011 $328,205 in Back Wages and Damages in Lawsuit Against Cheddar's Casual Cafe Inc.
09/30/2011 $949,800 In Fines Against PJ Trailers for a Variety of OSHA Violations
09/29/2011 $462,500 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Pool Company, Training Ordered
09/28/2011 $2.25 Million Settlement Against Tyson Fresh Meats in Sex Discrimination Case
09/27/2011 $279,600 Settlement in Age Discrimination Suit Against Fire Department
09/26/2011 $531,000 In Back Wages and Damages in Wage and Hour Case
09/23/2011 $180,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit Against ABM Industries, Training Ordered
09/22/2011 $33,500 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/22/2011 $37,000 Settlement in Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/21/2011 $43,500 Settlement in Religious Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/20/2011 $110,000 Settlement Against Woodburn Tree Farm for Ethnic and Sexual Harassment, Training Ordered
09/19/2011 National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge Rules on First Case Involving Termination Due to Facebook Postings
09/16/2011 OSHA Establishes Enforcement Procedures for Investigating and Workplace Violence Incidents
09/15/2011 $917,000 in Proposed Fines Against Bostik Inc. Following Explosion
09/14/2011 $70,701 in Back Wages for Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors
09/13/2011 $125,000 Against Grays Harbor Community Hospital to Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/12/2011 $175,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Suit Against Auto Parts Distributorship, Training Ordered
09/09/2011 $104,089 in Back Wages to Employees of Barbecue and Seafood Restaurant Chain
09/08/2011 Final Rule Regarding Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts.
09/07/2011 August 2011 Unemployment Report
09/06/2011 $1 Million in Damages to be Paid by Applebee's Owners for Sexual Harassment, Training Ordered
09/01/2011 $30,000 Settlement in Religious Discrimination Case, Training Ordered


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