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November, 2011


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$264,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Real Estate Developer
$1,014,895 Recovered in Back Wages from Gas Station Industry in New Jersey By Wage and Hour Division of Department of Labor
$574,195 Settlement in Age Discrimination Lawsuit Against Minnesota State Agencies
$530,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Medical Center, Training Ordered
$365,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Credit Card Payment Processing Company
$80,000 Settlement in Discrimination Lawsuit Against Chicago Hospital, Training Ordered
$400,000 in Back Wages to Settle Hiring Discrimination Allegations Against Nishimoto Trading Co., Training Ordered
$125,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit Against Real Estate Company, Training Ordered
$424,045 Award in Reasonable Accommodation of Disabilities Lawsuit Against AutoZone
$110,000 Settlement in Religious Discrimination Against Jehovah's Witness, Training Ordered
$132,500 Settlement Against Comfort Suites in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
$115,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Gas Station/Convenience Stores, Training Ordered
$100,000 Settlement by Sears in Race, Age, Sex Discrimination and Retaliation Suit, Training Ordered
IRS Develops New Voluntary Reclassification Program
OSHA Publishes Interim Final Rule to Revise Regulations for Whistleblower Complaints Filed Under Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Invites Public Comment
$600,692 to be Repaid By Community Hospital Executives to Employee Retirement Plan
Illinois Pet Food Production and Packaging Company Cited as Severe Violator and Fined $758,450
Department of Labor Extends Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Child Labor
Laws Requiring Employers to Conduct Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Training


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