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November, 2011


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12/01/2011 $264,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Real Estate Developer
11/30/2011 $1,014,895 Recovered in Back Wages from Gas Station Industry in New Jersey By Wage and Hour Division of Department of Labor
11/29/2011 $574,195 Settlement in Age Discrimination Lawsuit Against Minnesota State Agencies
11/28/2011 $530,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Medical Center, Training Ordered
11/22/2011 $365,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Credit Card Payment Processing Company
11/21/2011 $80,000 Settlement in Discrimination Lawsuit Against Chicago Hospital, Training Ordered
11/18/2011 $400,000 in Back Wages to Settle Hiring Discrimination Allegations Against Nishimoto Trading Co., Training Ordered
11/17/2011 $125,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit Against Real Estate Company, Training Ordered
11/16/2011 $424,045 Award in Reasonable Accommodation of Disabilities Lawsuit Against AutoZone
11/14/2011 $110,000 Settlement in Religious Discrimination Against Jehovah's Witness, Training Ordered
11/11/2011 $132,500 Settlement Against Comfort Suites in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
11/10/2011 $115,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Gas Station/Convenience Stores, Training Ordered
11/09/2011 $100,000 Settlement by Sears in Race, Age, Sex Discrimination and Retaliation Suit, Training Ordered
11/08/2011 IRS Develops New Voluntary Reclassification Program
11/07/2011 OSHA Publishes Interim Final Rule to Revise Regulations for Whistleblower Complaints Filed Under Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Invites Public Comment
11/04/2011 $600,692 to be Repaid By Community Hospital Executives to Employee Retirement Plan
11/03/2011 Illinois Pet Food Production and Packaging Company Cited as Severe Violator and Fined $758,450
11/02/2011 Department of Labor Extends Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Child Labor
11/01/2011 Laws Requiring Employers to Conduct Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Training


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