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February, 2012


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02/29/2012 EEOC Issues Documents Clarifying ADAAA as It Pertains to Veterans With Disabilities
02/28/2012 $200,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Hurricane Grill and Wings, Training Ordered
02/27/2012 Piggly Wiggly Stores in Tennessee Settle Race and Sex Discrimination Suit for $40,000, Training Ordered
02/24/2012 Acting General Counsel of NLRB Issues Report on Social Media
02/23/2012 $205,000 Payment in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Restaurant, Training Ordered
02/22/2012 $400,000 Settlement in Racial Harassment Case Against Cement and Concrete Products Company
02/21/2012 Oklahoma Based Fracking Company Fined $68,556For Overtime Violations
02/20/2012 $526,602 in Back Wages for Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations to be Paid by Norwegian Cruise Lines
02/17/2012 E-Verify Self Check is Now Available Nationwide
02/17/2012 $201,572 to be Paid to Employees for Overtime Violations
02/16/2012 EEOC Holds Meeting to Discuss Discrimination Based on Pregnancy and Caregiving Responsibilities
02/15/2012 $37,500 and Injunctive Relief in Sexual Harassment Case, Training Ordered
02/14/2012 EEOC Adopts Final Rule for Recordkeeping Under GINA
02/13/2012 Department of Labor Announces Final Rule on H-2B to Improve Temporary Nonagricultural Worker Program
02/10/2012 $64,503 in Back Wages for Wage and Hour Violations by Supermarket
02/09/2012 $50,000 in Back Wages for Wrongful Termination as a Result of Family and Medical Leave Violation
02/08/2012 $50,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Suit Against Buy Rite Thrift Store
02/07/2012 $120,000 Settlement in Disability and Age Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
02/06/2012 $202,634 in Back Wages For Payroll Violations by Cogburn Health Services, Inc.
02/03/2012 Updates to E-Verify Information
02/02/2012 FMLA and GINA
02/01/2012 $494,150 Settlement in Sexual and Religious Harassment Case Against Los Angeles Fire Department, Training Ordered


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