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April, 2012


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$500,000 in Back Wages and Civil Money Penalties for Misclassification of Employees and Wage and Hour Violations
$245,000 Settlement in Illegally Terminated Riverboat Captain Case
$200,300 in Fines for Workplace Violations
NLRB Posting Rule Postponed
Commission Issues Updated Guidance on Employer Use of Arrest and Conviction in Employment Decisions
$70,157 in Back Wages for Uncompensated Work Breaks in Violation o the Overtime Provisions of the FLSA
EEOC to Hold Meeting on Wednesday, April 25
$73,990 in Back Wages for Overtime and Record-Keeping Violations
$430,956 in Back Wages for Overtime and Record-keeping Violations Due to MIsclassification of Employees
$600,000 Settlement in Race Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
$150,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Against Burger King Restaurant, Training Ordered
$222,602 in Back Wages for Overtime Violations
$125,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination of Obese Employee, Training Ordered
Department of Labor Extends Comment Period on Proposed Rule to Amend Family and Medical Leave Act
$574,000 Award in Age Discrimination Suit Against Law Firm, Firm Agrees to End Mandatory Retirement Policy
$56,500 Award in Disability Discrimination Case Involving Employee with Bipolar Disorder, Training Ordered
$132,215 in Back Wages to be Paid By Restaurants for Overtime, Minimum Wage and Record Keeping Violations
Aflac Settles Family and Medical Leave Act Violation for $16,882
$583,977 in Back Wages and Penalties for Overtime and Recordkeeping Violations
$82,000 Settlement in Race and Gender Discrimination By Games Supplier
$191,182 in Back Wages for Wage and Hour Violations by Contractor of Cleanup of Gulf Coast
$235,920 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for Wage and Hour Violations by Nail Salon and Its Owner
EEOC Issues Final Rule About Discrimination Against Employees 40 Years and Older
Laws Requiring Employers to Conduct Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Training


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